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the island of conclusions

today's drive-by quote is something I think I need to put in a fic sometime

the island of conclusions

bright star

today's drive-by quote is something I think I need to put in a fic sometime

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bright star
Re: the therapeutic value of reading Jane Austen:

"H.F. Brett Smith, an Oxford tutor, served in World War I as an adviser in British Hospitals. His special responsibility was the prescription of salubrious reading for the wounded, and he recommended Austen's novels to "severely shell-shocked" veterans."

(I can see this happening at Downton Abbey--perhaps not with the desired results)
  • Edith is the one in charge of getting books to the soldiers, ergo Edith is a Jane Austen fan! it all makes sense now!
    • Exactly! Edith has a little bit of Emma in her, doesn't she?

      Or, she's always been a fan, but her sisters never liked Jane, and then she finds a wounded officer who does, and ROMANCE ensues!
  • I really need to get caught up on DA, but last year, I remember a long article in Smithsonian magazine (I think) about PTSD and they talked an English woman who opened her estate to shell-shocked WWI officers. They had quiet and peace and structure and, I swear, crafts to keep them occupied. They worked on painting their family coat of arms and if they didn't have one, they created one. It stuck with me (obvs).
    • DA is still extremely pleasurable, though, as I said in the other post, I think they are fumbling the WWI stuff a little, but YMMV.

      What an amazing story--what a strange and interesting detail that they painted coats of arms! Like I said in the other post, I've been re-reading/listening to Regeneration and still finding all that history of psychiatry stuff fascinating.
  • Love the quote! Lifelong Jane Austin fan here... :)

    Is there a place with links for DA? I haven't looked hard but was just wondering...
    • Yay Jane! I find more to admire and love about her writing every year!

      S1 of DA is streaming on Netflix (or it was)--I will pm you a link for the others--
      (so far, S1 is better than S2, but Maggie Smith remains the queen of awesome)
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