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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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Friends, I feel it is my fannish duty to spread this piece of possibly erroneous gossip:

Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in the next Star Trek movie

Probably not true, huh? But fun to think about. Please give your best suggestions for his role, and more importantly, hair color and outfit, below.

ETA: Variety seems to be confirming that he will be playing the villain (shooting starts 1/15).
  • I can tell you who he WON'T be. Khan or Kodos. Khan because he couldn't pull it off and Kodos because not everyone has seen TOS and they would have to include horrific flashbacks of all the things that happened and I can't see them doing that.

    ETA: Possibly he could be a Q.

    Edited at 2012-01-05 03:46 am (UTC)
    • lol, Q!

      No, I was being facetious: Khan is inimitable. I have faith, though, that BC will be his own brand of Cumberbatchian space evil (I love him).
      • Oh I know, but like, it was the thought for a while right, that it would be a Khan movie? I mean that was MY first thought when they first announced the sequel :P

        And hell yes!
      • See, I didn't know that! I just posted with that title b/c it's the only bit of ST movie villainy that's really stuck with me (can't remember the name of the Eric Bana villain for the life of me).

        I didn't mean that BC was going to take over the Ricardo Montalban role (and now I can't help imagining him with the bare chest and flowing white locks--probably wouldn't be such a good look on him).

        But maybe he is????

        But, yes, hell yes!
      • It apparently IS a Khan movie.
    • Q isn't a villain. I've heard indeed that he would be Khan.
  • How wonderful!
    • It sure makes you look forward to the movie a little more, doesn't it? I enjoyed the first reboot a lot, and this is a little added injection of hotness, BC-style XD
  • He's going to be in the film, but no one is committing to which role, they were looking at someone Latino for Khan, but just because Ricardo did the original, doesn't mean they have to go that way, then again, if they chose Ben for that role, they might have a racefail backlash from fans.
    • Oops! I follow BC gossip, but not ST gossip--I had no idea that the movie might actually be about Khan! It's hard to believe that they've really cast BC in that role--but you never know, I guess! I was thinking he'd be some kind of new, deep-voiced space villain.
    • Khan isn't a specific Latino part, it was just PLAYED by a Latino actor. Apparently BC takes the part Benicio Del Toro refused, sooooooo....
      • that's exactly what I just said, 'just because Ricardo did the original, doesn't mean they have to go that way' but I don't want my fave actor hit with racefail accusations, cos it's not up to Benedict who the director casts. And I'm all for getting more diversity into screen roles.

        But whatever Benedict does, he brings the quality up, so I'd see this just for him.
    • HOLD ME

      (though, tbh, I can't quite tell whether to chortle or pant)
    • your icon!! *grabby hands*

      Yeah-- I thought of you! Otoh, I thought the casting on the first reboot worked out very well indeed, so I'll give Abrams the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe he'll be John Simm as the master kind of evil...
      • I have many new and pretty icons!!!

        I'm sure it will be wonderful and blah blah. I'm just being proprietary and not wanting there to be five billion fans instead of only five million. I'm not concerned he'll damage his career or anything.

        Hair color - bald.
    • I don't think Ben can go 'Hollywood' his mum and dad won't let him.
  • He has a very Romulan face. I can definitely see it.
  • January 15, you say? I'm just excited that the next movie is filming. I loved the first one!
    • Yes! I think it's supposed to come out in May '13. I loved the first one, too, so looking forward to more!
  • Duh, I'll keep my fingers crossed - and to think that a month ago I felt weird while uploading my Star Trek/Sherlock icon XD Now I can keep using it!
    • awesome icon--look at that kissy face!

      Well, we've got til May '13 to prepare ourselves!
      • Thans :D I had so much fun with this challenge. I made three crossover icons back then XD

        I already can't wait. I'm already so excited about this!
  • KHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAN indeed!!!!!!
    • indeed! I have a strange desire to go back and watch the TOS episode about Khan--kinda rocked my world as a kid, if I remember right ;)
  • (no subject) - frackin_sweet
    • It is strangely exciting! Very weird to think of him interacting with all those American boys...

      Before then, though, we have Haywire and Magic Mike to look forward to!
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