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the island of conclusions

Two Boys from Kansas...(Merlin/SPN xover fic): MASTER POST

the island of conclusions

bright star

Two Boys from Kansas...(Merlin/SPN xover fic): MASTER POST

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Title: Two Boys from Kansas in King Uther’s Court, 1-7
Author: [personal profile] ariadnes_string
Rating: pg-13, gen, no pairings.
Fandoms: Supernatural/ BBC Merlin
Characters: Sam, Dean, Merlin, Arthur and various canon BBC Merlin characters.
Word Count: ~36K, all part
Warnings/ Spoilers: Set Merlin mid-S1, no spoilers for S2; set mid-S1 for SPN, but very vague spoilers for S2; also, a version of a SPN canon character from S3-4 shows up eventually, with some very vague references to SPN 3.09; and there's a non-spoilery, blink-and-you-miss it shout out to SPN 4.18.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit
ETA: beautiful banner by ala_tariel

Picture Credit by: ala_tariel

a/n: As you can tell from the title, this is also partly a "remix" of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. I've shamelessly lifted some scenes, lines, and plot points from the amazing Mr. Clemens. If you know the book, you'll recognize some stuff, especially at the beginning, and in part 6..
a/n 2: I think this only works if you imagine original flavor Winchesters: S1. No deals, no Hell, no angels.
a/n 3: beta’d, throughout, by the wonderful [personal profile] calamitycrow. With some timely fact-checking from [personal profile] yourlibrarian. All failures, of imagination and otherwise, my own.

Summary: The title kind of says it all. And this:

“Fair sir,” said the knight, or Jedi warrior, or whatever the fuck he was, “will ye just?”

“Will I which?”

“Will you try passage of arms for land or lady or for—“

“Seriously? Seriously? What, did someone drop acid in the fake mead at the Renaissance Fair? Stop dicking around, man, and fuck off.”

Part One

part 1 on lj

part 1 on DW

Part Two

part 2 on lj

part 2 on DW

Part Three

part 3 on lj

part 3 on DW

Part Four

part 4 on lj

part 4 on DW

Part Five

part 5 on lj

part 5 on DW

Part Six

part 6 on lj

part 6 on DW

Part Seven

part 7 on lj

part 7 on DW

ETA: a sequel/coda/timestamp thing:
Sleepers Awake: an epilogue for the end of the days (set after SPN 5.10)

  • Hi!!!
    I got here from layne67's rec.
    I saved the story and going to read it this weekend. \o/
    And, I couldn't hold myself not to make a banner for this story, because I'm sure, it's fabulous! ♥
    So here it is, I hope it fits the story:

    • oh, WOW! *jumps up and down with glee*

      That's gorgeous--I love how Merlin is doing his little "ta-da" motion! You know, I've been so hoping someone would come up with some visuals for this fic, because I'm hopeless at that kind of thing, but have been too shy and embarrassed to ask. So, this is just unbelievably generous of you--thank you!

      I'll put it in with the story this weekend ('cause, uh, it takes me a while to do even easy technical stuff...)--

      Gosh--I really hope you don't hate the story, now! You can take back the banner if you do!

      Thanks again!
      • You are welcome. :)
        And believe me, I won't ever take it back. Why? Because I love Supernatural, I love Merlin. And you wrote this. ♥

        As for Merlin. I always see him (at least in this series) as a very playful person. That's why I was so glad to find that particular picture.

        You know, this is the first ever I make a banner with Merlin and Arthur in it. So, it's a milestone for me.

        I'm glad you like it. ♥
  • I had a blast reading your story!
    • I'm so glad--It makes me really happy to know people had fun with it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!
  • Just found my way here and have to say, super excited about this fic. Two of my fav shows combined! Four hot boys! What's not to love?

    *goes off to read*
    • Four hot boys! What's not to love?
      lol! my thoughts exactly!

      Thanks for checking the fic--hope you enjoy it!
  • I'm not really a fan of crossover. So when I saw the fic is SPN/Merlin crossover, I was like "What?". *snickers*

    But your summary got me hook! I couldn't stop laughing, seriously. LOL

    Off to read now. Be back later. :D
    • lol, the whole thing really is a little "What?"--

      Thanks for checking out something you don't usually go for--hope you enjoy!
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