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the island of conclusions

Wait, there's an h/c cliche I don't know about?

the island of conclusions

bright star

Wait, there's an h/c cliche I don't know about?

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bright star
Hey, it's as if someone were trying to enable my wandering around various fandoms and writing h/c fic....Check out the h/c bingo card below the cut!

I am considering trying to get (complete?) a bingo with five fics from five different fandoms *g* But there's an h/c cliche on the card that puzzles me....

multiple personalities: always there
fear of flying
unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
de-age (physical)
fever / delirium
zombie apocalypse
motion sickness
build-up of job-related trauma
vampires: sun burn or poisoning
undercover: having to participate in illegal / hurtful activity
pining: confession in desperate situation
wings (always there)
panic attacks
insanity (always there)
body dysmorphic disorder

"Bodyguards" sounds like a sex/romance cliche to me. But is it also an h/c cliche that I've just never come across? How does it work? Has anyone read any good fics--in any fandom--that employ it?

I have a work project that is eating all my available brain power this week, but this bingo thing goes til Dec., so I'm looking forward to getting into it. After writing some other stuff this summer, that is *g*

In other news, the State Department managed to renew my passport in record time, so I had no excuse not to buy a ticket to England for the beginning of July. It's a non-strenuous work thing, so promises to be fun--but, I just feel, I dunno, diffident about the travel...It was too good an opportunity to give up, though....
  • I'm very intrigued by that! I think of it the same way you do, as a romance trope a la Whitney and Kevin, but...maybe if there are injuries involved somehow, it morphs into an h/c cliche?? That's...kind of odd, but maybe it's part of the ever-changing landscape of fannish definitions. Hm!

    Here's hoping your travel is fun! :)
    • Yes--Whitney and Kevin! That's the first thing I thought of too! But I guess there are plenty of opportunities for injuries and angst in the set up, once you start thinking about it...I kind of like the set up, actually--I might give it a try--

      I was just worried it was some established genre I knew nothing about *g*

      Thanks for the good wishes for traveling--I expect it will be fun, once I get myself on the plane--
  • Oh, wow! You're the third person on my flist who has succumbed to the challenge. I feel myself weakening...

    Good luck with your bingo!
    • bwahahaha! I resisted for about 30 minutes--but since you have til December to try and get "bingo" I thought I might give it a try--

      Thanks for the good wishes!
  • Huh, bodyguard? It does sound more like a romance thing. Weird. You learn something new everyday!

    Oh, you're coming to Europe in July? Too bad it's not France.:) I hope you'll have fun!
    • IKR? Someone over on DW reminded me that there are a whole bunch of J2 AU fics where one of the boys is the other's bodyguard--and then there are various h/c scenarios--so I guess it is a kind of mini-genre. I kind of like it, though I don't want to write J2 or an AU...we'll see!

      I wish I were coming to France! I haven't been out of the country since 2002, and now I'm making two trips this summer: to London and to Vancouver (again for work, not for the SPN con :( ). When are you heading to the States? Any chance you'll make an (extremely long) detour to NC?

      (I know you must think I've completely given up on your House/SPN fic--but I haven't! I've been practicing my House, and have the thing pretty much plotted--it's next up on the docket!)
      • It's funny because I haven't been out of my country since I went to England in... 2004, I think, but next week I'm going to Italy (for a fan gathering!) and well, then to the States - I leave August 12 (and when I'll be there, who knows what I'll do!)

        (Hee, great! I've seen your House fics, but have not read them because they seem to be set in season 6 and I have not seen beyond the end of season 5:()
        • Oh wow--have fun in Italy! And you are always welcome in NC if you feel like seeing the East Coast!

          I have not seen beyond the end of season 5:()
          oooh....the fic as I have it plotted takes place mid-S6....the only spoilers are, uh, situational, but maybe I should re-think...
          • Oh, I'm not a big spoilerphobe - as long as there isn't any huge revelations about season 6 in your fic, I think I'll be okay. :) I should have told you before that I had not seen season 6! I'm following the show on French TV, so I'm not really up to date with it in the US (not like SPN, which I download religiously as soon as it airs!)
            • okay...I think it'll be okay then *crosses fingers*--I won't put in too much detail--
              thanks for being so patient about it!
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