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the island of conclusions

fly-by recs (Sherlock, White Collar)

the island of conclusions

bright star

fly-by recs (Sherlock, White Collar)

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bright star
We're leaving tomorrow for Vancouver--last trip of the summer, thank goodness! Everyone cross their fingers that the random forces of fate let my path cross Jensen Ackles's. Y'know, in a coffee shop or something. It could happen, right?

Two quick fic recs before I go:

I've been doing a crap job of keeping up with the fic-splosion of the shiny new Sherlock fandom, although I have some things saved on delicious (with the Sherlock2010 tag)--mostly excellent fics by well-known writers.

But today I read the most touching fanfic I've read for a long time, The Hour of Separation by vegarin. John-centric, set after 1.03, and aside from being emotionally rich it does a lovely job of melding book!canon and Sherlock!canon.

Also for those you who like White Collar h/c, bibliothekara posted an excellent, short fill for my request for "Peter. Appendicitis" at the whitecollarhc fic meme: Corollary Alpha: part one and part two . Among its pleasures is a great Jones POV.

Okay--see y'all next week--
(when I promise to catch up with all the great summergen fic!)
  • Hey, I was going to email you and tell you that I've watched the first two eps of Sherlock and just love them!!! Thanks so much for the recs. And once I've finished the third, I'm definitely going to be ready for fics.

    Have a wonderful time! Am jealous. :)

    • oh yay!! I'm glad you liked them!!

      I found Benedict Cumberbatch just grew and grew on me--at first I found his Holmes cold and creepy (and thus completely canonical), and by the third one I was internet-stalking him *g* (he represents my worst predilections in men--you'd think after 16 yrs with a slightly less upper-class, slightly less gorgeous version of that model, I would have learned my lesson!).

      Sorry for the TMI--there's masses of great fic when you're done watching!

      I probably won't have time for any active fangirling in VAN--work+boys+old friends--but it's a gorgeous city no matter what happen (and about 30 degrees cooler than it is here).
  • Oooh, have fun! And good luck with Jensen. ;)
    • Thank you! I probably won't have any time for active fangirling--work+kids+old friends--but I live in hope. And it's a gorgeous city no matter what happens--
  • Arrgh, we keep missing each other this month! I just got back! Well, fair travels to ye, sirrah, and may your footpath cross with one JA (in which case pics! PICS!! even crappy, sneaky camera pics!)

    Yay, fic recs. And oh, dear, a good appendicitis h/c. In two parts. *twiddles thumbs* huh, I want to read that even thought I've never watched WC *looks at you suspiciously* You knew that would happen, didn't you?
    • If I were to come across JA, my fingers would probably turn into such jelly that I wouldn't be able to use my camera--even the one in the phone! My kids would be going, "mama, what are doing on the floor like that?"

      --the h/c fic is commment fic, and very short. You could easily read it without knowing more about WC than the premise. Or, you could watch some WC....;)

      Hope you had a good holiday!
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