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the island of conclusions

Hawaii Five-O recs

the island of conclusions

bright star

Hawaii Five-O recs

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bright star
In honor of episode 1.04 airing tonight (have there really only been three eps so far?), have some recs (the result of trawling through the nascent coms, de.li.cious, and AO3).

one pre-slash

Four Times Nobody Noticed it was a Date, and one Time There Wasn't Any Doubt, 1-2 by t_fic

Lovely team dynamics!

three slash (R at most)

The Delicate Art of Crisis Negotiation by [personal profile] sutlers.

The tag to 1.03 that had to be written: So Steve says, "Maybe you're not as alone out here as you think, Danno," and Danny thinks, What; Danny thinks, Hold on, is he coming on to me. Completely hilarious, and also sweet. (Steve/Danny, very light R)

C'mon, Everybody Knows That by alexandriabrown
Yeah, fuck subtle, they're going to do this the same way they do everything else, strong and loud and slamming right against each other.
Drunken first time, with an excellent Danny voice (Steve/Danny, R)

Got a Breakthrough by robanybody
This one is Danny/Chin, which is not a pairing that would have occurred to me on my own, I don't think, but the fic really makes it work. Moreover, it's a great ensemble piece, and all the characterization is wonderful. (Danny/Chin, light R).

And a vid:

Something Good by lamardeuse

Can't even imagine what there'll be after four episodes!
  • You know, I was just watching trailers for this and I might even start watching the show.... *shifty eyes*

    And I still have White collar to start! Although I've been faffing about it and thinking of watching it closer to January...
    • lol--you wrote this and then went and watched all the episodes, didn't you? *laughs an evil laugh*

      I thought you might like it, but didn't want to say anything. I love White Collar to death, but H50 has higher production values, and waves....watch this now, and save WC til January. *laughs some even more evil laughs*
  • Yes, thank you! If you have more recs, please post them because I keep wanting to look for fic but haven't had the time. >.< I need to just dive into the slash comm and start searching delicious.
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