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the island of conclusions

H50 1.08 (in which I talk about feelings more than sex)

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 1.08 (in which I talk about feelings more than sex)

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H50 1.08

Okay, y’all, it might be because I’ve spent the last two days home with my miserably sick five-year-old, but I have no snark for this episode. Maybe I was kind of worn out and mushy to begin with, but it left me feeling like it delivered on feelings other than slashy-ness.

This was the second episode in a row to anchor its emotional impact in fathers’ relationship to their children (Graham in 1.07; Danny, Meca, and most strikingly, Sang Jin (I have no idea how to write his name, pls. correct me!) here in 1.08). But rather than feeling that this was cheesy or cheap (though of course it is an easy way to humanize characters), I was totally touched by the depth of feeling involved. I particularly liked the way the show never questioned the adoptive relationship between Graham and his daughter in 1.07, and unapologetically presented it as much more “real” than her biological relationship with her birth father. And I liked the continuity of bringing back Sang Jin’s wife and daughter (the wife, if I’m remembering correctly, is Rwandan, another interesting detail). Clearly, one of the themes of the show is found family, but I also liked the way in the latter instance (b/w Danny and Sang Jin) an empathy between parents cut across all kinds of other differences.

This was also the second episode in a row to focus on how “knowing” someone is more important than any empirical evidence about them, this time with Danny and Steve’s roles reversed. Granted, this isn’t a particularly original theme, though it’s a good one. But the actors all really sold it, didn’t they? And not just in a biblical knowledge kind of way. And l liked the way that neither case was about blind loyalty, but, again, about empathy (Steve “knows” what it means to be a soldier/SEAL; Danny “knows” that Meca would never leave his wife and child, in part because he feels that way about his own child—if not his wife ;)).

And even though I enjoyed all the Steve/Danny yelling and bickering and flirting and heart-struck looks as much as usual, the scenes I liked best in 1.08 (and I’ve watched it twice, since I convinced J. to watch it with me again, since we were stuck at home, and he was clinging to me like a sad little sick barnacle anyway) were the ones between Danny and Sang Jin, especially the one in prison. The quiet intensity of their negotiation was all kinds of wonderful, especially after Danny had been doing so much shouting. Y’all know I have a thing for voices, and I adored Danny’s gravely, my-gentleness-is-just-the-external-sign-of-my-fierceness thing.

Other things I liked:

*The reveal that Chin is an art connoisseur! The possibility of an H50/White Collar x-over lives!

*The little “I can’t believe mom and dad are fighting in public again, it’s so embarrassing” looks Kono and Chin exchanged in that scene in the briefing room.

*The return of the dynamic, in the scene outside the prison, in which Danny yells at Steve, Steve realizes the error of his ways mid-rant, apologizes--because he’s a straight-up kind of guy that way, and Danny is caught spinning his wheels in mid-air, like Wily E. Coyote, because he’s not used to people actually ignoring the rant and getting the point. Steve doesn’t give in—he just realizes he’s wrong, apologizes because that’s the right thing to do, and, as he says, “moves on.” It’s a lovely character point for both guys.

And that’s all without even talking about the slashy bits! But given what I said above, I expect you can imagine how much I loved Steve’s “I know you” at the end.

  • I've got to find these episodes online! Everyone keeps talking about them, and I feel like I'm totally missing out. :)

    Sorry about the sick boy. Hope he feels better soon. &hearts
  • Ahaha, H50 has defeated your snark. ♥

    Yes, what you said here.
    • hee! my snark pretty much went and hid in a corner the minute Danny started looking for the Barbie under the bed. And by the time Steve and the team showed up at the funeral it was a sniffly little puddle of goo....

  • I actually get what you mean about being touched by the other stuff (sorry, I'm tired and not feeling very analytical/locquacious at the moment, so I will just nod along). I love the actress that played Meca's wife (she was on The Dollhouse), and she sold it for me. I also totally believed the stuff with Sang Jin, which was unexpected.

    One thing that is starting to annoy me is Danny's rants, because I feel like he is, uh, a bit of a drama queen, and there are times where I feel like Steve and want to pay him to stop talking. I want him to dial it back just a bit without sacrificing the banter. I think that's the only part of the episode I didn't love, but otherwise I did like it. In particular, I did love the slashy stuff, with Steve finally getting why Meca didn't do it because he would feel the same way about Danny. Also, him showing up in his uniform and the "I know you" was really sweet. :( The way they looked at each other was just. ♥

    Oh, and Chin the art connoisseur was really hot. *____*

    I hope your son feels better soon! *sends soup*

    p.s. I didn't reply to your plot bunny suggestions because I've been out of town for the last week, but I love the suggestions and I am thinking about them! I'm going to let them simmer for a bit while I finish up some other stuff. :)
    • Oh, I loved the actress playing Meca's wife (not to mention she was gorgeous)--I've never seen her before. And who would have guessed we were going to see Sang Jin again--but the actor playing him was great!

      I know what you mean about Danny's rants--they overplayed the shouting this episode. Which they don't have to, since SC seems to be capable of being quite expressive in his quieter moments. (as, for instance, all the wordless looks between him and Steve :D )

      No worries--the plot bunnies aren't going anywhere--simmer them up or leave them be as you see fit.

      And thanks, my son seems to have recovered. Though he didn't go to school again today, and had to spend several hours ricocheting off the walls of my office while I did work stuff...
  • (no subject) - twoskeletons
  • Hope the boy is feeling better, and that you're OK too - nursing small sick children really takes it out of you, however much you love them.

    I'm loving seeing more of Danny as a dad - Scott is really selling that to me (although I am aware that I'm watching through the glass of my own feelings for my kids).

    I also loved the things between Danny and Steve - Steve watching Danny go off on one when they go to ask the HPD guys what Meca was working on, Steve saying sorry to Danny after the bad guy got shot, because he knows how much it all means to Danny, the scene outside the prison... and of course the ending.

    And because I can't totally ignore the hot - Steve walking around the art show in a suit and no tie with his hands shoved in his pockets just like he does when he's wearing cargoes :)
    • I'm loving seeing more of Danny as a dad - Scott is really selling that to me (although I am aware that I'm watching through the glass of my own feelings for my kids).

      Me too, though I'm no pushover for kids on TV--usually I roll my eyes and think, yeah, right, no little kid is that sweet and compliant. But there's something about the scenes between him and Grace that is just irresistible. And in the other instances, I think it might be because the emphasis isn't on how cute or precocious the kids are but on how much their parents love them...which, just gets you where you live, right?

      The feeling looks between Steve and Danny in this episode were just pure gold! and this you are so right about this-- Steve walking around the art show in a suit and no tie with his hands shoved in his pockets just like he does when he's wearing cargoes :)

      My son is doing better, thanks, but still stayed home from school today--which meant he had to spend a few hours ricocheting around my office while I tried to do work stuff...

      Edited at 2010-11-11 12:06 am (UTC)
  • I read an interview where Alex said they'd lucked out with him and Scott because they get along and work really well together and it shows on screen. Yes it does, Alex *pets*

    • I saw that article! and I think it's just a matter of time 'til we start getting rpf ;) But it does show, and it feels like Alex's performance has really loosened up and deepened since the pilot--maybe that would have happened anyway, but still....

      affectionate and smoldering! What is it Dean says to Castiel in 5.18: the last time somebody looked at me like that....
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