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the island of conclusions

and I almost forgot

the island of conclusions

bright star

and I almost forgot

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Fassy torso
In case you missed this over the weekend:

MF accepting the Best Actor trophy at the Venice Film Festival for Shame.

If you are lucky enough to live in or near NYC, you can get tickets for Shame or A Very Dangerous Method at the New York Film Festival here .

I made the mistake of looking at the line-up, and now I'm kinda dying b/c I won't get to see the Wim Wenders documentary about Pina Bausch.

  • Fassbendering the US by storm! ::g::
    • lol--someone on tumblr said we need to start calling it the New York Fassbender Festival *g*

      Shame has been bought by a US distributor, but I'm not holding my breath that it'll play here in my somewhat sleepy southern college town...
  • Your Fassbender tag always makes me so hopeful...sigh... But I'm going to have to wait till it releases in the theaters in the UK... I've been reading the reviews of Shame and Dangerous Method and I feel so proud... He was bartending and thinking of quitting acting 5 years ago... Good for you sir... Also Wim Wenders and Pina Bausch askjjashdpiwueihdp. That is all.
    • sorry! I dearly wish I had some naked!Fassy pics to post--but there's not even a preview of the film, and in the one clip I saw he's fully clothed.

      The critical accounts of his extreme and extensive nakedness have been hysterical, but, based on Hunger I'd say he's an excellent naked actor. I'm not being flip--he does seem to be most expressive in the buff (Magneto's awesome helmet notwithstanding ;))

      It really is impressive and instructive to see how he stuck with it, and is now getting such recognition.

      And yeah, I can't get over the Wim Wenders Pina Bausch thing. I saw Bausch's troupe a few times long ago, and still haven't quite gotten over it. Did you see that the movie's in 3D? o_o

      Actually, there's probably a greater chance that that will come to my town--which has an important dance festival in the summer--than Shame will...

    • Well, hello there, Michael Fassbender and your lovely golden cup. I think many women and men would do very bad things if such a look were leveled at them, even if he's only contemplating how much champagne/beer/scotch will fit in that sucker. (Not in combination, mind. Just not sure what the drink of choice would be. If it is in said combination, he and I need to have words about taste and liver health. As if.)

      based on Hunger I'd say he's an excellent naked actor.

      True that. I actually made a similar comment today. The person to whom I made it thought I was being flip, but, from a dancer's perspective, he moves well, which is not as simple as it sounds, especially on film, and is quite comfortable with his physicality (and I don't mean simply the fact that he's damn attractive.).

      I've been dreaming about seeing the Pina Bausch movie since I first saw a trailer months and months ago. She was amazing; her choreography is amazing, and I only hope the movie captures as half as much of her spirit and ideas as the trailer suggests.
      • Yeah, I'm no dancer, but I know exactly what you mean--he moves well, and isn't self-conscious and you get the sense that he's not holding anything back, as it were, he's not being self-protective. He has a kind of ruthless grace in Hunger, Centurion and even XMFC--it'll be interesting to see that in a movie about sex....

        Hee! I put the Pina Bausch up just for you! But of course you've already seen it ;) The performances I saw of her troupe do were some of the most moving performances I ever seen, of any kind--it'll be fascinating to see more, and maybe get some context as well.
    • I just can't get over how smart his choices have been since he made it to the big leagues. XMFC thrust him into the popular/geek/fan spotlight/ But before he could be labeled a popcorn actor, he had Shame and A Dangerous Method waiting in the wings to establish his 'cred', however ridiculous those categorizations may be.

      Also I totally agree about him being an excellent naked actor. He uses not just his face, but his entire body when he acts, and nudity allows him to express certain things more emphatically.

      I was discussing 3 different Fassbender films with a friend, who loved all 3, but didn't realize they were all the same actor. That's probably the highest praise any actor can get, when he's trying to make his mark in the industry...

      Also, yes I did see that the Pina Bausch biopic was in 3D... oh dear I hope it makes it to the UK. It sounds amazing, and I think very few directors could handle the subject with as much grace as Wenders
      • You're so right about his choices! And I love that he was so committed to working with McQueen again--that he seems to know what they did together in Hunger was extraordinary, and he's willing to trust him to direct what sounds like a risky role. And now it seems to be paying off for both of them!

        nudity allows him to express certain things more emphatically. This is really true, and not even because he's so nice to look at. He really seems like he's not keeping anything in reserve, not trying to protect himself or hide, which is kind of stunning.

        Oh, man, I hope the Pina Bausch movie makes outside of the festival circuit here--it seems like it would be very different to see it in a movie theater in 3D than in a tiny box on one's computer...
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