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the island of conclusions

TTSS spam

the island of conclusions

bright star

TTSS spam

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Just passing along some of the (very cuddly) pics and video that have emerged from the TTSS premiere at NFI yesterday in an effort to quell my misery that it won't come out until Dec. here...

(via The Guardian). Love how everyone is looking at the camera, but GO is looking at BC.

They are the world's cuddliest cast:

Via the fabulous mod of smileyspeople, karadin

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy UK Premiere from LOVEFiLM on Vimeo.

And in case you missed the clip of BC punching Tom Hardy that's been circulating, here it is again:

*sighs and goes back to listening to the audio book of Smiley's People in the car*
  • It was a big love fest on the red carpet, so much YUM.
  • (no subject) - frackin_sweet
  • The punching scene is too hot for words. DECEMBER? Oy.
    • The world has waited too long for its Cumberbatch/Hardy slash, that's all I'm saying.

      Yeah--it's been getting such good reviews that theyve pushed the date back fro Nov., in hopes of Oscar recognition, one assumes. Perhaps the internet will be good to us before then...
      • I mean seriously. Watching the two of them giggle like schoolgirls around each other in the interviews for Stuart: A Life Backwards, it's not hard to imagine This is Possible. There must be actual written pieces of it somewhere.

        Poo poo on the Oscars. I hate them. I don't wanna share my toys! *is childlike*
    • I have seen many calls for it, but never come across it. I'd write it myself, but TH is beyond me, I think.

      We'll just have to let BC do it himself:

      Tom Hardy, who Cumberbatch got to punch, for real, halfway through the film. "'No, no, blow harder, blow harder, it's cool, I can take it!'" rattles Cumberbatch, in Hardy's geezer tones. "I said, 'Tom, mate, it's not cos I don't want to hurt you, I just don't want to break a sweat…'"
      from here

      *shakes tiny fist at the Oscars*

      Edited at 2011-09-14 06:01 pm (UTC)
    • lol, I talked myself into writing some *facepalm*
  • I'm so looking forward to seeing this, luckily a lot sooner than December! Interestingly, I've been reading the book again, and I'm finding that Smiley in my head is effortlessly Gary Oldman, whereas he's always been Alec Guinness before. Which bodes really well for the film, I think :)
    • ooo! you'll have to report back when you see it!

      The books make such a big deal about Smiley's portliness that I wasn't sure that Oldman be convincing, but in the clips I've seen he looks amazing.

      I listened to the book in the car last spring, and it was just as amazing as I remembered!
  • The more pictures I see the more I can't wait to see the movie *.* I want to finally see Gary, Benedict and Colin! <3 And everybody else, too, of course XD
  • Wonderful!

    Thank you!
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