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the island of conclusions

Calling Bingo!

the island of conclusions

bright star

Calling Bingo!

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So, kinda by the skin of my teeth, I finished a line for [community profile] kink_bingo

bloodplay: With Our Arms Unbound (Marcus/Esca) gender play: Remember When Your Were My Girl? (Dean/Meg)
vehicular: Narbo Martius (Marcus/Esca)medical kink: Bandaging (Downton Abbey, Thomas/Edward)caning: Stars Hide Your Fires (Charles/Erik)
beggingvirginity / celibacybreathplayhumiliation (verbal)service
sensation playtattoos / tattooingwildcarddangervanilla kink
fisting / stretchingtemperature playmasters doms slaves & subsbodily secretionsfoot / shoe fetish
anonymityroleplaydomestic / tradesman kinkgangbangteasing


I think my biggest accomplishment here was making them create a tag for Downton Abbey--apparently my fic was the first [community profile] kink_bingo entry for the fandom.

Otherwise, I continue to fail at porn. Out of the five fics I wrote: only 1/5 involves penetration (and that's pegging in a het fic); only 2/5 involve orgasm; only 3/5 involve erections; the others are pretty much gen kink. *facepalm*

Other than that I feel okay about the fics, except for "Narbo Martius," which I wrote in a hurry. I wanted it to be longer and plottier and emotionally meatier. But at least it's the only one out of the five that's not ridiculously angsty.

I guess I might do it again; some of the kinks were quite interesting to write (and I have now learned that caning can be "impact play," which makes me want to write more of it). You have been warned.

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