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the island of conclusions

reasons to be cheerful

the island of conclusions

bright star

reasons to be cheerful

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I seem to have hit a patch of work/life busyness. So much busyness I don't have time to participate in mad_server's wonderful Again, but with More Colds meme, or my most favorite thing, the Five Acts Meme going on this week. :( Too busy to have watched the latest episodes of Downton Abbey, Person of Interest or Homeland yet. :( :(

I got no sleep over the weekend and I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that going running will make me feel less like crap.

BUT--there are some lovely things!

The talented and generous twasadark recorded a podfic of my Jewish!Lestrade series for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All. I've never been podfic'd before, and I'm tickled pink! She does an absolutely lovely job with it, and it's a wild experience to listen to someone else reading your own words aloud.

Here's the link -- thank you, bb!

Merlin 4x03

And when I say lovely in this context I mean reduced me to tears. I'm so, so glad they've decided to let Merlin and Arthur grow up a little this season. I completely agree with all the tumblr fans that the "it's a new day" scene may have been the best scene the series has ever produced. But all the Arthur-Uther scenes were so touching, as well--Bradley James and Tony Head have always done beautifully together (remember that S2 episode where Arthur almost found out what had happened to his mother?), but this episode took things to another level.

I loved, loved, how simple, heartfelt and direct a lot of the writing/delivery was in this epispode--it had a kind of, well, grown-up emotional intensity about it.

And I was interested in the way both Arthur and Merlin feel so guilty about (and implicated in) Uther's death. And the way that guilt seems to have made them more devoted to each other instead of pulling them apart.

Who would have thought my interest in Merlin would outlast my interest in SPN, but there you go.

Oh, and thanks to tumblr:

hope y'all had a good weekend!
  • I'm so sorry you're not in love with Supernatural any more (sniff!) but completely agree with you about the last Merlin. I found it more moving than any ep I remember watching. I'm not an avid fan, but this did get me poking around, looking for merlin fics.
    • Well, you never know--the SPN love could return! I think it would have gone on longer if I could watch it with my kids--that's the only thing that kept me going through Merlin S3 (well, that and Gwaine :)) .

      But, tbh, I've watched the first three episodes of S4 twice--once by myself and again with the boys--and haven't minded at all! This one was so moving, I agree--Uther's love for Arthur, Arthur's honest grief and tenderness (how happy am I that they've decided Arthur can be tender this season?!), Merlin's compassion (and the way it let you remember he'd had to watch his own father die). *sniff*

      I actually don't read much Merlin fic, for whatever reason--but destina has been posting some great Merlin rec lists.
      • Thanks for the link!

        Yeah, my kids are old enough to watch SPN and seem to enjoy it when I have an ep on and they wander in to watch, but they really don't watch network tv at all, including Merlin. They are far more interested in video games and u-tube. :-(

        I completely agree about Arthur's tenderness. The last scene was beautiful.
        • Mine still get enthused about tv shows--though they/we mostly watch them on netflix or the computer these days. I am, for instance, completely caught up on Psych, since my older son loves it so much.

          That was such a simple and direct and heartfelt scene (4 seasons in the making!)--I hope the rest of the season is even half as good!
  • We can still revel in the glory days of SPN though, right?!

    I am loving Merlin this season. I like how things are moving forward quickly and so far without two steps back for every step forward.
    • yes, those seasons will always be with us!

      it's true--things are actually happening in Merlin! Instead of endless "bewitching" episodes and Morgana's shifty looks. I hope it goes on this way!
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