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the island of conclusions

H50 and Homeland

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 and Homeland

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H50 2x05

yay--Kono's back! missed you, girl!

yay--Chin had a date with Malia. Thank goodness--it must get hard for him sometimes, being the only thinking, feeling person in the office.

not-so-yay--have stopped reading most reaction posts because H50 fandom seems to have wandered into a toxic cloud.

Homeland 1x03

Someone else is watching this, right? right? If not, maybe you should try it; it is pretty fucking good. If someone is, can they please talk to me about the whole "Semper Fidelis" moment and how awesome Damian Lewis is? And about one of the most disturbing, not-sexy sex scenes I've ever seen on TV?

(these are not spoilers: Damian Lewis is consistently awesome and the psycho-sexual stuff is consistently disturbing, though not gratuitous or unrealistic, I don't think)
  • I would love to try Homeland but don't have directv - or whatever it is. The reviews have been awesome.
    • it is awesome--though quite triggery re: torture, voyeurism, sexuality, but not in a gratuitous way. It's on Showtime, but I dl it--will send you the source.
      • The main shows I have trouble with are the ones that are just grim, grittily, unrelenting negativity and realism. (Why I adore SPN, I don't know!) I would love to give it a try, so thanks. :)
        • I experience it as more tense than grim--but both lead characters are somewhere to the left of sane, so there's that. It reminds me most of a BBC thriller like "State of Play." The torture, especially, is pretty gritty, but without the level of gratuitous sadism you find on SPN (sorry!). I'll be interested to see what you think if you do try it.
  • Going to try Homeland soon!

    Kono, Kono, Kono. And ha ha, Chin, the only one with thoughts and feeeeeeelings.

    • I'll be interested to hear what you think of Homeland if you do try it.

      My love for Kono increased even more--I thought you could practically see her eyes rolling as they argued over how much she had to be"protected."

      And I thought Chin was making his "OMG, you people, were you raised by wolves?" face even more than usual. Poor man.

      Hope you're feeling a little better!
  • I watched all the eps of Homeland this week. It's soooo good, I love it. Completely gripping. I'm sad I have to wait until Sunday to see the next ep. Are you talking about the scene where he wanted her to just stand in front of him, naked? It was like he was completely reverting back to when he was a prisoner, what with the sleeping on the floor and that.
    I felt like I didn't get the Semper Fidelis moment. I didn't understand the look Brady(?) gave the man who said that.

    it must get hard for him sometimes, being the only thinking, feeling person in the office. LOL and *sigh* I was really glad to have the team back. I'm missing the toxic cloud, but I keep seeing references to it. I guess I don't have the right people on my flist or is it just at comms? (haven't been reading those reaction posts)
    • oh yay! I'm so glad you watched it and you like it! I know, it's the only show where I go right to the previews to get clues about what might happen next.

      Yes--that scene! With Carrie watching them on her monitors and then ultimately having to look away. You're right about him reverting to being a prisoner by sleeping on the floor, good point! But also being scared he'll hurt her if he sleeps next to her--or if she touches him while he's jerking off. The way the sex reveals how closed off and distant he is, when she can maybe forget about it at other times. *shiver*

      I thought the "Semper Fidelis" thing was completely unreadable. Was he feeling remorse about his betrayal? Was it some kind of "trigger" for his memories. I thought the way DL just stopped and turned his head, completely expressionless, but with the sense that something was going on was a great moment of acting/directing.

      I'm so glad to have the team back. I stopped reading the H50 coms long ago, but it's the usual stuff of who's to blame for fictional characters acting badly. Personally, I have too many rl people acting badly to deal with to have energy for the TV ones.

      Edited at 2011-10-19 03:21 pm (UTC)
      • Oh, the whole "watching" thing on this show is really interesting. It was a relief when Carrie finally turned the monitor away. I think I may have even said out loud, in disbelief, "She's watching this!".

        OK, glad I didn't miss anything with Semper Fidelis, since I didn't know how to interpret that either.

        There's so much going on in this show. Plus I like that it takes place in the DC area. Except when he ran from his house to the Mall, I was thinking, so, um, where does he live? Also, George Bush Center for Intelligence - I see that sign on a regular basis (I chuckle).

        • I think I said that aloud too! It really was a relief when she turned away, b/c the way things are w/ her, I thought it was possible she would watch the whole thing.

          There is so much going on! And I like the way we feel that we don't really have a definitive answer about Brody's loyalties/mental state/intention--makes it seem like the plot could get even more interesting.

          Oh God--the George Bush Center for Intelligence--I'd never really registered that before!

          (hey, I'm going to pm you a question about DC)
  • Huh, I guess I should start watching Homeland. And that doesn't surprise me about that scene--I've been rewatching The Forsyte Saga, which was my introduction to Damian Lewis, and he was so creepy and unsexy with his sexuality in that. I was so surprised to see him later on in BoB and other things, how very different he looked and acted.
    • It's definitely worth watching--though, like I keep saying, triggery.

      I've never seen DL in The Forsythe Saga, just BoB (and something else I can't remember...). But he is one of those actors who isn't scared to be unpleasant. This is really an amazing role for him.
      • In TFS he looked so physically different--I think he had his jaw clenched tight every single moment his character was on camera. I want to go back and rewatch BoB now.
        • I re-watched an episode of BoB recently--something made me want to see baby!Tom Hardy in it. Now I want to re-watch the whole thing!
  • (no subject) -
    • SHOWS! There's nothing like a good TV show to cure what ails you, imo! I had more time to watch over the summer, tho' and now I'm painfully trying to cut back.

      I'll be interested to hear what you think of Homeland when you watch it!
      • (no subject) -
        • Well, there's quite a lot of Damian Lewis on display to eyeball, so it may take you a while *g*

          I'm sorry you haven't found a show that grabs you :( Homeland is really the only one I'm watching now where I'm excited to see what happens next. There's always the archives! Over the summer, I watched all of the UK Life on Mars. But that's not really the same as having something totally new to look forward to every week.

          I think your brain is maybe focused on writing right now!
  • Homeland is EXCELLENT. I haven't seen ep 3 yet, I'm behind. But I loved, loved, loved the reveal of him praying in ep 2; I'm so intrigued. THey are playing a game with viewer expectations and biases. If the viewer is wired a certain way, it signals one thing. If wired a different way, it signals something else entirely. I LOVE SMART SHOWS.
    • Oh, yay! I'm so glad you're watching and enjoying it! That was some reveal, wasn't it? When they set things up I thought it might be just a straight up brainwashing/Manchurian Candidate kind of thing, and it still might be, I guess. But it seems like Brody and what role he ends up playing might be more complex than that. Maybe....

      In any case, though, it really invites you to pay attention! Smart shows FTW!
  • I'm sad to hear that H50 fandom is becoming a less fun place to be, 'cause I've just fallen pretty hard for the show & am feeling distinctly fannish...

    I haven't caught Homeland yet, but I am always up for talking about how wonderful Damian Lewis is! I'm really looking forward to having him on my screen on a regular basis again.
    • Yay! I'm glad you're falling for H50--there is much to love about the show and about the fandom, lots of lovely people and great fic. I think it might just be going through a quarrelsome/querulous patch--something that makes me just want to walk away. But with any luck things will settle down.

      I never think much about Damian Lewis--I never watched Life, though now I kind of want to. But this is a wonderful role, and he is really rocking it!
      • Halloween episode! H50 is running a seriously efficient campaign for my heart!

        I've always liked Damian Lewis. Probably started as a kind of redhead-solidarity, but he really is a brilliant actor.

        Life is definitely worth your time - funny and sad and strange, with a great cast. Charlie Crews is a great character too, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm looking forward to Homeland in part to compare and contrast the ways those two characters have been damaged/learned to cope.

        The Downton Abbey spoiler cuts (thanks for those, by the way - I'm waiting for S2 to hit PBS!) lead me to believe you'd probably also enjoy the Forsyte Saga series that ran on Masterpiece several years back. Lewis is excellent as the off-putting, slimy, controlling heir of a fortune in "new" money.
        • ooo, Life sounds excellent--I will put it on my list for a rainy day!

          same with the Forsyte Saga--I'm missing the sliminess in DA, I have to say.

  • Hey, unlurking (delurking?) for a moment....I have enjoyed your Merlin posts! Can't wait to see S4 (I don't get the live streaming thing, technology, what?!), but in the meantime I am horribly spoiled.

    H50 is hurting this season. You are wise to stay away from comms; perhaps I should follow your example - it might help my sanity. For the same reason I avoid SPN discussion at TWoP....

    ANYWAY. I don't get Showtime, and thus not watching Homeland, but I have to say that I have been rather fond of Damian Lewis since seeing him in Stratford with the Royal Shakespeare Company one year. Guh. He played bad boy Don John in Much Ado About Nothing, and Posthumus in Cymbeline. It's nice to see him on this side of the pond! He is quite brilliant.

    So, thanks for your reviews. :) They are always fun.
    • Hey! *waves*

      Glad you've been enjoying the Merlin posts--I think you'll really enjoy S4 when you get to see it--it's seems like the show we always hoped it might be, at least for the moment (and gosh, I wouldn't watch any TV at all if it weren't for streaming and downloads of dubious legality--just let me know if you want links ;))

      How cool to have seen Damian Lewis on stage--and in Shakespeare! And glad to hear he's just as riveting in that medium! The role is Homeland is really a doozy, and he's been brilliant.
  • My love for Kono and Chin magnified x a bazillion after that ep, and I already loved them a lot. \o/ Kono is so badass and there is her sad sad determined faaaace. I really enjoyed this arc (although was not shocked at where it was going).
    • oh man, me too--so much love!

      it was so strange--and kind of poignant when Steve was yelling at Fryer (is that his name) about Kono being a year and a half out of the academy and needing to be protected. Because GP certainly doesn't look her age, but she doesn't look that young, and the show has never player Kono as that young or that naive, and been a billion times better for it, imo--having Kono as more of an equal to the boys. But does Steve really think about her like that when he gets upset? Sweet, in a Steve sort of way.

      In any case, so glad she's back!
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