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the island of conclusions

Merlin 4x04 and Downton Abbey 2x05

the island of conclusions

bright star

Merlin 4x04 and Downton Abbey 2x05

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I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace of TV watching I set myself at the beginning of the season :( Here's all I managed to see last week. (+ Psych, which I watch now because my boys love it so much they need me to share the joy. Not that I mind--it always has a good line or two).

Oh, Merlin! Still hitting the sweet spot! Maybe not quite as fabulous as the first three episodes this season, but still a lovely romp in the waters of id (literal waters this time--mmmmn wet!Arthur)

Am I the only one who thinks that since the first three seasons got us used to seeing Arthur's nekkid torso on a regular basis, and this season seems determined to familiarize us with his (damned attractive) hamstring muscles, a view of the areas in between might be in the offing? *lives in hope*

And, yeah, I'm a little sad we don't get more of Lancelot/Merlin or Gwaine/Merlin, but I am sustaining myself on dragon/Merlin. I loved Merlin's quiet determination when he said "I am the last of the dragonlords, don't fuck with me" (or words to that effect). Confident!Merlin FTW! And I am not usually much for cute CGI creatures, but that baby dragon slayed me. It looked like a baby parrot--and you know how I feel about those!

Yes, I am a week behind with Downton now, and only just managed to see the one about Matthew Crawley's penis.

Actually, I quite liked that storyline--Matthew's (possibly literally) impotent rage and Mary being an utter brick. I loved her being so strong and matter-of-fact with Matthew (of course she'd be the one to tell him) and then being so brave with Jorah Mormont Richard Carlisle. Edith was awesome too. And Sybil. All the Crawley girls are off my slap list.

The thing that confused me was the Daisy/William storyline. How, exactly, was I supposed to feel about this? Did they really expect me to think it was romantic? Because what I mostly felt was what Daisy kept telling people she felt, not that anyone listened: ashamed. Yuck. Dying seemed to have made William even more witless and ham-fisted than he was to being with. If either of the characters had been portrayed as having a thought in their heads, I could have gotten behind the marriage as a way for Daisy to have some money later (but doesn't William's father need the money even more? They are always going on about how poor he is). But mostly, for me, it played as just another example of well, women can talk all they want but no one pays them the least attention (cf. Sybil and Branson). Historically accurate, yes: romantic, no.

And okay, while I'm being less than charitable, can I just say that Matthew, William and Thomas, between them, are the most fell-fed, smooth-faced bunch of war veterans I've ever seen? Meals must be good at the front.

Alright--hoping to see Homeland and H50 in the next few days! And DA 2x06.
  • can I just say that Matthew, William and Thomas, between them, are the most fell-fed, smooth-faced bunch of war veterans I've ever seen? LOL Word, woman, WORD.

    It was slow-mo wet!Arthur, ari, be precise! ;-P

    Isn't that baby dragon the cutest? I wonder if Pendragon isn't going to take a whole new meaning in Camelot... I want Merlin to adopt the baby dragon, but I guess that would be way too expensive in terms of CGI, so it'll probably live with Kilgarrah and come and visit once in a while.

    *Snort* Matthew's penis. There's been talk of there being a sex scene somewhere in series two, and if it's true, I'm betting it's where we find out that Matthew isn't all paralysed *wink wink, nudge nudge* There's also talk of there being a Spanish Flu storyline, so I'm yet hoping to get my Branson falls desperately ill and only Sybil's skills save him from certain death and he learns a Very Valuable Lesson fanfic in canon.
    • Oh! Oh! Your last sentence, I want that so very much!
    • IKR? The casting director for DA seems to have a thing for beefy men and matchstick women--excepting only Sybil's gorgeous curves. Not that there's anything wrong with that--it just starts to jar with the WWI privations issue....

      Ah! I apologize for my imprecision! (is it bad that I could probably watch a whole episode of slo-mo!wet!Arthur? with random appearances by other wet knights?)

      I would be so happy, too, if Merlin now walked around with the tiny dragon on his shoulder like a parrot. I guess that might blow his sekrit!dragonlord cover, tho'

      lol--the tumblr!fans discuss the episode solely in terms of Mathew's penis--it's the fanon name of the ep. I kept wanting to yell at the TV that they should watch Kris Kristopherson in Coming Home before they dis paraplegic!sex, but then remembered that movies had barely been invented in 1918.

      I'm at the point where I wouldn't mind a Matthew/Mary sex scene, though.

      And yeah, my hopes are with you--and then they go start a hospital for the working classes in Dublin.
  • (no subject) -
    • The first season of DA is wonderful--you should definitely watch it if you like costume drama at all--it's like a lovely Victorian novel, with the central plot hinging on the entail on the estate, with great acting and sets thrown in.

      S2, while still very enjoyable, is kind of a mess--perhaps demonstrating why nineteenth-century narrative conventions foundered on the rock of WWI and modernism, etc. emerged instead. Or maybe just sloppy script-writing.

      And, why thank you! I find it kind of soothing to summarize and snark, so I'm glad when other people enjoy them/find them useful!
  • (but doesn't William's father need the money even more? They are always going on about how poor he is)

    The parents of a dead soldier might get some kind of one-time benefit (not sure) but the surviving wife would get ongoing benefits since the husband would presumably have been supporting her.

    And they deal more with that issue in ep 6 but it's still not very satisfying. I mainly feel bad for Daisy being pushed into the whole thing.
    • oh, okay, you're right!

      I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who felt bad for Daisy getting pushed around! I felt like the episode was all look, the Dowager Countess is crying, you should be too!, but I was too disturbed to find it moving. It certainly drove home the horror and tragedy of war, but maybe not in the way that was intended?

      I'll have to watch 2x06 sometime this week!
  • I would be all over those in between areas! Um, not literally. Except for how I totally mean literally. *g*
    • XD yeah, me too. If the areas with which we've become familiar are anything to go by, they'd be very nice indeed *g*
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