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the island of conclusions

H50 2x06 and Homeland 2x04

the island of conclusions

bright star

H50 2x06 and Homeland 2x04

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Did anything happen in H50 2x06 except Steve getting in the ring? 'Cause I saw him put that mouth guard in, and start hopping up and down like a bunny, and then I started thinking about this:

And wondering if Steve would get anybody in an unbreakable thigh lock and force them to tap out like Joel Edgerton does repeatedly in the movie. And then I started wondering what would happen if Steve had to fight either Tommy or Brendan. And. Yeah....I kinda lost track.

I guess other things happened? The boys were pleased to see Kono with a rifle.

omg, y'all--that awkward moment when your husband kills a deer with his service revolver? In your backyard? When all your friends are over for a friendly barbeque? Wow.

I kind of loved how Jessica called him out on it, though, and didn't back down from the sexual stuff. But Brody can be pretty menacing when he wants to be, huh?

And I saw in the preview that Carrie and Brody were going to meet, but I didn't guess it would be like that. Nor that there would be more chemistry going on between them than anything else on my TV screen this season (excepting Merlin, of course). Wow again. Will the show go there, do you think?

And I continue to be very pleased with how complicated it all his--Estes trying to get Carrie's new partner to spy on her? excellent.

  • I'm still being utterly fascinated by Homeland. And yes, the chemistry in that final scene - wow. It'll be interesting if they do go there, because Carrie's so obsessed with him anyhow... and you've two actors there who can pull it off if anyone can.

    I loved Carrie poking around the garage with the hymn being sung at the same time, and how she picked up the red mat and put it down again without any idea of its significance. And then I started wondering if they've shown us anything else so far that we the viewers don't yet get the significance of.

    Has he been turned? Or is what we're seeing a result of his damage? As I said, I'm fascinated. And definitely gripped.
    • I'm completely fascinated by it too! If any show would be willing to go there, this one probably would--and I agree these actors could pull it off (that scene where Carrie was watching him towel himself off?!)

      I forgot about the scene of her going through the garage--that was brilliant! I love shows that can show you how difficult it really would be to be a spy--I mean, how could you know that a carpet sample was a key to the whole thing?

      And I have no idea--if he was turned, it seems to have been under severe distress. The complexity of what he seems to be going through is fascinating. I kind of wonder whether Carrie will end up turning him back, and sending him in as a double agent...
  • Oh, I was so interested in that Brody/Carrie scene! Brody was all flirtatious and interested. Wow. Yeah, and the Estes/Carrie stuff, really interesting too.

    Hey, Homeland has been renewed for another season. :)
    • oh my goodness--me too! They both seemed so much more open and interested in each other than they are with anyone else. Were they bonding on being veterans? instant attraction? putting on a good act? I just couldn't tell--but it was fascinating!

      I hadn't heard about the renewal--that's awesome! But will it still be the Brody storyline? or will that wrap up?
      • It doesn't say. It says renewed for another 12 episodes, so I guess this season only has that many. :( Long link is long I found it weird to think of Carrie as a veteran, since she's not in the military, but Brody didn't seem to have an issue with it. I'm also really intrigued with the terrorist couple.
        • I think I knew it was only 12 episodes :( but they are so intense--not sure if I could deal with that many more than that at one time!

          Yeah, I know, but there were a couple of references to her having served "in the field" in that episode, so I guess they were setting it up. I guess what she did was as almost as dangerous as army service, and certainly gave plenty of reasons for PTSD...But you're right, you never think about "intelligence operatives" needing support groups--

          Did you see Fair Game? The movie about Valerie Plame? I saw it almost by chance and was surprised at how good it was--speaking of female CIA field operatives, that is--

  • Just thinking the words "unbreakable thigh lock" is pretty hot. And thinking of Steve in the ring . . . yum. Even though I don't watch H5O.

    I really need to see Warrior again. Thanks for posting that!
    • lol--it is, isn't it! Steve was great in the ring, though I imagine Frank would have given him a few pointers. The rest of the ep was silly.

      I need to see it again too. Especially the last 45 minutes or so. With all those unbreakable thigh locks. GUH.
  • Late response here, but I just finished watching Homeland 1x04, and I'm totally hooked. I have big love for Damian Lewis and his ability to play both nice guys and totally scary assholes, and he's using all of that so well here. I feel like this show has so much going on psychologically, and I love it. The woods behind the house feels like this great big symbolic thing--the place where he disappeared when he went off their radar, the place the buck came from, just this dark presence behind their nice suburban home. Love it.

    And I love that we don't know if he was turned or if finding a faith in Islam was a choice that helped him make it through with some semblance of sanity. I have 1x05 waiting for me, but I'm not watching it tonight. Anyway, thanks for reccing this show. I'm so curious about where it's going to go.
    • Yay! I'm so glad you watched it and liked it! And it's such and excellent part for DL--he is really rocking it!

      That is such an excellent point about the woods behind their house! *shiver*

      And I know--when they revealed so much about Brody in the first episode I thought, okay, where's this going to go now? But it's just gotten so much more complicated psychologically from there--I can't figure him out at all.

      I haven't seen 1x05 yet either (Halloween ate my life), but I can't wait!
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