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the island of conclusions

in the eleventh hour

the island of conclusions

bright star

in the eleventh hour

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bright star
...of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 the First World War officially ended.

I couldn't find the kind of image of the 1918 Armistice that I wanted, so have some pictures of a new memorial to Wilfrid Owens instead.

The old farm house where he spent the night before he died in the battle of the Sambre-Oise Canal, Nov.4, 1918, one of the last actions of the war has been transformed into a memorial to his poetry:


And, in case you you haven't read it lately: Dulce et Decorum Est

  • Thank you for sharing the poem and the pictures! What a lovely memorial!
    • This. Thank you!
      • You're welcome. The combination of visceral imagery and technical control in that poem becomes more and more amazing every time I read it.
    • You're welcome! The memorial just opened last month, apparently--it does look really striking.

      And that poem seems to get more powerful every time I read it.

      (I recently read a fictionalized account of the battle where he died--in Pat Barker's The Ghost Road, and it was unbelievably wrenching--so it's been on my mind)
  • Oh, wow. Beautiful.
    • Yeah, apparently the memorial just opened last month--it does look very striking (if you click on the article, there're images of the unreconstructed farmhouse, which are really poignant as well)
  • Lovely, thank you for sharing this. I'd never read that poem before.
    • You're very welcome--I'm happy to have introduced you to the poem, which seems to get more powerful every time I read it.
  • Owen is amazing and I'd love to visit that memorial.
    • he really is! I would love to visit it too--I wonder what it would be like to visit those battlefields--I looked at pictures of a the Sambre-Oise Canal as it is today, and it's all very peaceful and bucolic....
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