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the island of conclusions

Dear Yuletide Author

the island of conclusions

bright star

Dear Yuletide Author

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Dear Yuletide Author:

First of all, thank you so much for writing a story for me! Any fic with these characters would make me happy, so please just write what seems fun and interesting to you!

If it’s helpful, here are some things I like:

I like slash, gen and het equally—I’ll be as happy with a G story as I will with one that’s NC-17.

h/c is bulletproof for me, especially of the minor-injury/sick!fic/comfort!fic variety. Give character A the flu and have character B look after him/her and I’ll be yours for life.

If you do feel like writing porn, I’m quite partial to kink, if you can make it plausible for the characters. Any kind of sensation play/ pain play is great, as long as it’s RACK. Consent play and AMTDI are great too.

I love crossovers, so if for some reason we’ve matched on more than one fandom, feel free to mix and match. I don’t really like AUs, unless it’s in the service of a crossover (so if you want to imagine Cpt. Joseph Chandler being treated for shell shock by Dr. Rivers at Craiglockhart, that would be awesome!)

Other things: being in dubious battle; unexpected moments of empathy, compassion, connection, courage, honor, competency.

I think the only things I really don’t like are mpreg, watersports and non-canonical character deaths.

These prompts got a little specific, but feel free to completely ignore them. Like I said, anything with these characters will be wonderful, and I appreciate you taking the time to write something for me!

The Hour (Bel, Hector, Freddie):

Really, anything about these three would make me happy! Gen, slash, het or 0T3. All of them together or just one. I'd love to see them end up in a tight place together either literally (stuck in an elevator!) or figuratively (awkward interactions at some public event!). Or: I'd love Bel and Freddie's backstory--how did they get to be such good friends? Or I'd love Hector and Freddie off on their own. It's all good!

Whitechapel (Chandler, Miles):

Anything that deals with the relationship between the two men would be wonderful. I prefer gen or UST for this pairing, but you should write what seems right to you. I'd love some h/c -- maybe Chandler's OCD getting a little out of control and Miles and the team have to deal with it? I'd also love a fic that involved Chandler's past somehow.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Le Carre) (Haydon, Prideaux, Smiley, Guillam):

My dream fic here would be Haydon/Prideaux--just anything about their relationship, in the past or the present of the book. But I find all the characters fascinating,so write about whatever you find interesting! (I guess Karla isn't a nominated character? But of course, more about Smiley's run in with Karla in India would be awesome).

I think my dream fic for this would be something that takes place during the time Prior stays with Rivers in The Eye in the Door (just assuming the Regeneration tag covers the whole trilogy). They have such an intimate and multilayered relationship by that point in the story, if not an altogether comfortable one, and I'd love to see an exploration of it. That said, though, I guess I'd prefer that the fic be as reticent about Rivers's (rl) sexuality as the novels are--though UST would be fine. Or something intense and non-sexual.

Now, if you do feel like writing porn, feel free to put Prior with anybody else, male or female, and let loose any or all of his canonical kinks. That would be awesome too!

I’d also love a crossover like I mentioned above—import a character from another fandom I like (masterlist), give them shell shock, and let Rivers treat them.

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