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the island of conclusions

Homeland 1x09 and assorted bits of future delight

the island of conclusions

bright star

Homeland 1x09 and assorted bits of future delight

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Is anyone still watching Homeland? If so, do you want to talk to me about

how much of the thing with Isa was staged by Abu Nasir? Deeply unsettled by this. But OMG Damian Lewis owns that role, doesn't he? Shit.

So, clearly not everything you see on tumblr is true, but these things seem to be:

Ben Whishaw, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons in the new BBC versions of Richard II & Henry IV I & II

If the casting of BW as Richard II is anywhere near as perfect as it sounds, that one, at least should be amazing.

Ben Whishaw has also been cast as the new Q to Daniel Craig's Bond

Am shipping Bond/Q already.

And he's going to be in a film about Jack Kerouac (played by Chris Evans) and Allen Ginsburg (played by Daniel Radcliffe) and their friends

No. You read that right. DR is going to play this well-known Jewish poet from New Jersey:

Okay, he's going to play him when he looked like this:

So I suppose it's vaguely plausible (though not as plausible as Jesse Eisenberg would have been. Still, Chris Evans as Kerouac sounds awesome.

My week has eased up some, thank goodness--hope yours has too!
  • I am really looking forward to this BBC series of Shakespeare's Royalty Plays... and Whishaw seems like an excellent choice for Richard II.. But I must admit I am terribly excited about Kill Your Darlings. The first time I heard about the story, was in the prologue to Caleb Carr's 'The Alchemist' when he talked about Lucien Carr, his father, the murderer. But Lucien went on to become one of the top newsmen in America, and was a fascinating figure, who intrigues the hell out of me. I can't wait to see what Whishaw does with the role.

    But! Much as I quibble about Radcliffe as Ginsberg.. Don't you think this guy

    should be played by this guy

    Rather than this guy

    Or am I being biased?

    • This is not to imply I do not adore Chris Evans... because he's an adorable schmooface and I love him!
    • I like the wealth of evidence you bring to the discussion *g*

      I just read about Kill Your Darlings today, and I am so excited too! I've read The Alienist but clearly spaced all that information. I had no idea Caleb Carr was Lucien Carr's son! Or that Carr went on to be a journalist. Wow!

      It's been a while since I read On the Road or a Keroauc bio, but wasn't he something of a football-playing, ex-Navy galoot in this part of his life? Trying to learn how to be a hipster author with the cool guys? So Evans seems maybe a good choice.

      The person Fassy should really play is Neal Cassady--the bad boy, wrong side of the tracks, universal object of desire. The one who actually drove the car in On the Road.

      ETA: this guy:

      Of course, I'd watch Fassy playing Miss Marple, so I'm pretty biased too.

      (Richard II is one of my favorites--I hope it comes out well!)

      Edited at 2011-12-02 03:17 am (UTC)
  • Wow, that's a lot of awesome coming up. Thank you for the heads up!

    ...I might be skipping with joy.
    • It is worth skipping with joy about! (+ as far as I can remember Kerouac was basically the one straight guy in an ongoing circus of gay fun)
  • I totally think Abu Nasir created that entire scenario with his "son" to fuck with our favorite traitor. He realized couldn't get to him any other way, so he used a child's death to create feelings of anger and hatred toward his own country. Totally plausible, and totally horrifying. That's an astonishing level of psychological warfare, and it's right in keeping with the patience those terrorists show in planning and executing those plans. I LOVE THIS SHOW. And the reveal a couple weeks ago when we found out our favorite traitor IS ONE? ZOMG.
    • Me too! *shudder* and I should have twigged to it right away, since they'd established that he'd staged the Tom Baker thing, but I didn't--It just gradually dawned on me when the bomb went off and I felt sicker and sicker.

      But I agree that it was totally plausible as well as horrifying--and I was glad that what had happened to Brody was really complicated. And that Abu Nasir was such a smart and subtle villian.

      I really love it too! the nuances in the characterization are really stunning--and the shades of gray are amazing.

      Didn't you love the moment in 1x09 when the FBI guys asks Carrie if she's ever been in a firefight, and then has to take a visible beat because he clearly expected her to say no?
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