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the island of conclusions

this remains my Jeremy Renner icon of choice

the island of conclusions

bright star

this remains my Jeremy Renner icon of choice

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hurt locker
Somewhat spontaneously, urged on by nasty winter rain and an early release day from school, the boys and I went to see MI:4 this afternoon--or, as I started calling it in my head Mission: Find Tom Cruise a Posse of Actors Tiny Enough not to Loom Over Him Disconcertingly .

We enjoyed it muchly. The action was great, as everyone has said, and the ratio of hand-to-hand over shoot-outs was excellent. People climbed up things and then jumped off them (or sometimes, for variation, jumped off them and then climbed up them) with satisfying frequency.

I'm very glad JR is getting finally getting his share of well-deserved fame, but I was a little sad to see him ratchet back the near-psychotic intensity of the last two roles I've seen him in (The Hurt Locker and The Town) to be, I dunno, almost cuddly. In fact, MI:4 mostly made me want to see The Hurt Locker again, so that JR could show those IMF schlemiels that true badassery consists of balls of goddamn steel, not a plethora of blinking gadgets.

Still, well-worth seeing.

(in other movie news, TTSS is finally in town, but I can't think how I'm going to sneak out and see it before it disappears again).
  • OMG MI:4. I loooved it. It made me an official Jeremy Renner fangirl. I'm in the middle of the Unusuals now. And I've been devouring Avengers fic like it's my job. Still have yet to get my hands on the Hurt Locker tho. *pouts*

    Anywho. I dunno if you're into fic for it, but there's a kink meme for the movie that I've been slowly exploring, ghotocol_kink. It's fun so far, but not extra large as of yet. :)

  • Oh, you need to see The Unusuals, if you haven't already, for some quality Jeremy Renner! (see icon)
  • You do need to find a way to see TTSS. It's a great film (and the actors aren't bad either!)
    • I know! it's one of my favorite books, as well as having all those actors. But it's rated R, so I can't even drag my kids along...:(
  • I was surprised at how much I enjoyed MI:4. I went with two friends, and we couldn't agree on a movie except for this one, and frankly I expected to be bored. I wasn't. It was everything an action movie needs to be: although I knew they would make it in the end, there was some genuine tension all throughout the movie.
    • I enjoyed it more than I expected as well--it really was everything an action movie needs to be--with some great little extras (not just a car chase! a car chase in a sandstorm!). Tom Cruise is such an irritating human being you forget he's an enjoyable movie star.
  • I watched The Hurt Locker a few days ago, and, ohmygod. Craziest craziest mofo I've seen in a very long time in a movie. And man if JRenner wasn't committed. It blew my mind.
    • Yes--committed is absolutely the word for it! I love that it took a woman director to make a movie like that! Have you seen JR in The Town--not quite as amazing a movie, but still very good, and very tense.
  • Mission: Find Tom Cruise a Posse of Actors Tiny Enough not to Loom Over Him Disconcertingly

    Hee! Pretty much.

    Yeah Jeremy Renner was a little toned down in MI:4. He also is a bit more subdued in The Unusuals. I hope he gets to be a little more intense in The Avengers because he is so good at it, and it's one of the things that makes him so compelling as an actor.

    I did enjoy seeing him be cuddly, though. Probably my favorite part was him questioning Hunt on why the flare thing worked, although the movie had a lot of wonderful humor like that, which grew out of situations and personalities rather than being tacked on.
    • They were such pocket-sized commandos. I wanted them to get a mission and be all "why us? is it our bravery? our technical ingenuity? our sexy good looks?" and have TPTB tell them "no, no, it's just that you guys are the only ones who'll fit through those tunnels/service shafts/cargo containers."

      Yeah, I missed the sense of reined-in, near-psychotic emotion, but we all know how I feel about that stuff. Cuddly was a good look on him too.

      I loved that part too, and you're right about the moments of organic humor in the movie. I loved when concussed!Hunt was trying to decide whether or not to jump off the building and the Russian guy was laughing at him.
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  • Your alternate title to MI:4 is a thing of beauty. I think he and Scott Caan should do a movie together. Maybe one where they get to fight elves.
  • I've been thinking of going to see MI4 for probably the exact same reason (seeing Jeremy Renner), but haven't gotten around to it for (again) the same reason. I saw him in Hurt Locker and it had such an impact on me, I think if I started associating him with MI4 it would dull his appeal for me to some extent, haha. I am very excited to see him in Bourne Legacy, though, hmm.
    • Yeah, I agree on all counts. His performance in The Hurt Locker made a huge impact on me too. He is very good in MI4, but it's a different kind of character (he wears a sweater!). Seeing it didn't make me think any less of his performances in The Hurt Locker, bu if you want to see something amazing along those lines, I recommend The Town, if you haven't seen it already. He's intense, and not at all a good guy.

      I'm pretty excited and curious to see Bourne Legacy too!
  • I have to admit, I am less and less into the gadgets--I like my spy movies about brains and/or ass-kicking (that's one of the things I enjoy about the Daniel Craig Bond reboots--he's very convincingly physical). But MI4 was still pretty fun.

    Mission: Find Tom Cruise a Posse of Actors Tiny Enough not to Loom Over Him Disconcertingly

    Hee! Trufax!
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