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the island of conclusions


the island of conclusions

bright star


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A multifandom ficlet/art exchange focusing on female or Jewish characters,
and also some evil viziers.
Sign ups end Feb 8th.
Rules, FAQs, and sign ups here!

I loved doing this last year (and it got me started on Jewish!Lestrade, for which I'm very grateful). Very low word count and emphasis on fun! No need to write religious stuff if you don't want, either.
  • I always want to do this, but the idea of writing a story under 1000 words fills me with more dread than when that's the minimum. Short is hard.
    • Yeah, it's a little short, even for me. Does it help to think that you can write a 3,000 word story and spread it out over three days?

      'Cause I have two words for you: Erik Lensherr.

      (I think I will also ask and offer MI4, because if anyone is likely to run into an evil vizier, it's those guys ;)

      Do it!
      • Oh yes, that definitely helps. I didn't realize it could be continuous.

        Hmmmm, I shall ponder. And yes, Erik Lensherr. Although my favorite Jewish characters are from Sports Night.
        • Yay! I don't know Sports Night, but I'm psyched this year to ask for Erik and for Saul Berenson from Homeland.
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