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the island of conclusions

pocket commandos all summer long

the island of conclusions

bright star

pocket commandos all summer long

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hurt locker
In case you haven't seen this:

This week has sucked eggs (and it's only Wed.), but the idea of Renner all summer long cheers me up a little :)
  • Oh gawd. I need this like, yesterday. So hard.

    If you can't tell, I can't effing wait. <3
    • IKR?

      It looks like he kicks some serious ass in his I-will-kill-you-with-the-intensity-of-my-stare mode. Yum!
  • Nice.

    Renner. Norton. Allen. And that would be Albert Finney I heard.
  • Written and directed by the same guy who wrote the other 3 movies, stellar supporting cast and Jeremy Renner! OMG I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!

    It is looking to be a very good summer for movies :DD
    • I can't wait either! (and I don't think I even saw the second two Bourne movies--if I did, I remember nothing about them).

      An excellent summer indeed!
      • Yes it is especially adding in the arrival of 'the Avengers'! I can hard wait for more of Renner as Hawkeye! Not to mention the rest of that cast, holy hell talk about hot talent over-load!
        • IKR? I'm sure The Avengers is going to be fabulous, but I'm almost looking forward to this one more. I only rarely like superhero movies (though I'm sure I'll like that one), and (sick fuck that I am) my favorite flavor of Renner is semi-psychotic, like he was in The Hurt Locker and The Town, and Bourne Legacy looks like it might deliver on that.
  • Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton? I'm in!!
  • Dammit, Renner, I'm already in love with you. What more do you want?!
    • Clearly, he wants you to swing from trees with him a snowy forest, and possibly to eat your soul.

      For such a tiny, squunchy little ball of pure fury, he's very compelling.
  • (no subject) - frackin_sweet
    • You know, I heard they wanted to cast him as Jane in that Jane Eyre movie with Michael Fassbender, but at the last moment the director decided he wanted a chick.

      And he was supposed to play grown-up Harry in at the end of Deadly Hallows, but had a scheduling conflict.

      What we're seeing is the tip of the iceberg, really.


      (feel free to add your own)
  • I had not seen this! It totally made my crazy morning so much better!
    • I do not know what seeing Jeremy Renner hitting guys with an open hand cheers me up so much, and yet it does.


    I'm trying to send good thoughts your way.
    • It kind of goes along with the Year of the Dragon, doesn't it? I'm almost more excited for this one than for the one where he wearers a leather doublet. Something about his flinty batshit stare--I love it so much.

      And thanks--things did start looking up today, finally!
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