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the island of conclusions

Blonde Bombshells

the island of conclusions

bright star

Blonde Bombshells

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Actually, probably more like blonde Mack trucks.

I was supposed to be in New York City this morning for some interesting work-related stuff, but I had to cancel due to ongoing family circumstances. So, yeah, feeling a little sorry for myself, but, hey, at least TV has been consoling.

I know that this journal has been inhabited mostly by pocket commandos of late, but hey, let’s hear it for the big blond guys:

Southland 4x04

I don’t think it’s a spoiler for the episode to say that I have never loved John Cooper more.

I used to think I loved Southland for the John/Ben angsty bromance, but now that Ben is off with Sammy, he’s as boring and irritating as, well, as Sammy himself.

And I really want to like the pregnant!Lydia plot line, but I am still scraping the sanctification-of-maternal-love crud off my skin from last week, so I’m having trouble. (oh, Show, how can you be so interesting and precise about homophobia and sexism and racism but still turn into a pile of blubbering cliches when it comes to maternity? yeesh)

But goodness, Cooper and Tang are worth the price of admission and then some, imo. Can Lucy Liu stay forever, please?

And I was kind of in tears even before Cooper threw himself almost off the roof—when he oh so gently took the ribbon out of the boy’s hair in the hospital I almost lost it.

Whitechapel 3x03

How about a guy who looks like this from behind.

And this from the front:

For the first two episodes of this season of Whitechapel I was enjoying it, but not really feeling it, y’know? But 3x03 I really loved.

Maybe because the creepy hoarder’s house and the super creepy aging supermodel were, well, genuinely creepy?

Maybe because of the escalating codependence between Chandler and Miles, with Miles sacking out in the chair in Chandler’s office, and always carrying around tissues in case Chandler has to touch a dismembered foot or something?

Maybe because girl!Chandler was an hoot, though she has yet to exhibit boy!Chandler’s earnest and affectionate nature (wherein he just wants all the babies and sergeants to love him)?

Maybe because I’m developing a soft spot for DC Meg Riley?

Maybe because they went ahead and ratcheted up the adorableness in a very un-Whitechapel way. Not just Chandler and the baby, but also the hysterical moment when Mile and the coroner had quite a technical conversation about breast milk over the dismembered corpse while Chandler looked like he wanted to run (not from the corpse, mind you but from the mention of messy bodily fluids).

Feel free to post pics of either big blonde dudes or pocket commandos in comments *g*

    Oh, God. That episode! *weeps a lot*

    I don't think Ben is boring, I think Sammy's a bad influence and he should go back to riding with Cooper and then he will become interesting again. Sammy's not so bad, but I like him better when he has a more solid, stable partner to play off.

    So should I be checking out Whitechapel? What's it about?
    • Michael Cudlitz really rocked the angst last season, but he's also rocking this newly happy and fit and even flirty Cooper. So much love.

      And when he said "I have a lot of problems, kid, but being gay isn't one of them": best line ever.

      But yeah, the boy in the dress and black eye ripped my heart out.

      Yeah, I think Ben could go back to being interesting if Cooper fucked him six ways to Sunday went back to partnering with him. And maybe I'm just still mourning Nate, who bounced off Sammy in more interesting ways.

      Whitechapel is a British procedural in the manner of Sherlock, though its gimmick is that they work out of Whitechapel, in the heart of the East End, and the first season is about someone recreating the Jack the Ripper murders. Also that Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) is OCD in a barely manageable way. entangled_now has a good description of it here. I enjoy it enormously, but I know several flisties who don't like it at all. It's VERY stylized.
  • (no subject) -

      The first love of my life was a big blond dude, though of the slightly more streamlined variety, so I think I imprinted a little with it.
  • GAH COOPER! I just watched the episode last night and my love for him is so huge right now--not that it was insignificant before. And yeeees, I want him to go back to being with Sherman because they're so good together. Can they not even have any scenes together?
    • IKR? I didn't think I really could love him more, but then I did. He was so, just, powerful in that episode, without any ranting or raving. And yet, I don't think I've ever been happier to see a character happier, y'know?

      I really do wish that he and Ben would have some scenes together--there must still be something between them, right? But otoh, I'm loving the relationship b/w Cooper and Tang, so I don't want to give that up...
      • It's true, I love Tang too--more with each episode.

        One thing with Cooper--I was always so terrified for him when I watched the earlier seasons. The show always feels so real, and I found myself honestly very scared for him every time he threw himself into something, that his back was going to give out and he wouldn't be able to get back up or that the drugs would cause him to be too slow or something. It's odd now to remind myself that he's okay but seeing him so together and seemingly at peace is a wonderful thing.
        • That is so true about Cooper--it really didn't seem a sure thing that he would make it through last season at all, much less come back so much renewed. I'm actually surprised at how happy it makes me.
  • RP-J is so pretty I often don't find him that attractive, although he is always lovely. Unless he is doing something dastardly. Then . . . wow.

    I am definitely looking forward to watching Whitechapel when I'm done with Spooks.
    • I know what you mean. And in truth, both those guys are too meaty for me (well, fantasizing me, if you know what I mean). My favorite variety of big blond dude, as you know, is more like this:

      I'll have to watch RPJ be dastardly. In Whitechapel he's purposefully so uptight and vulnerable it's hard to find him sexy--though, as you say, absolutely lovely.

      I did see him in the BBC remake of The Thirty Nine Steps and in that he is genuinely sexy, or I thought so, anyway.

      I'm looking forward to watching Spooks when I get done with Whitechapel :)

    Honestly. Serious. So much. Cooper. JFC. He and Lucy Liu really go well together and their scenes are amazing, full stop. Sammy and Ben need some more stuff to do. They are being ridic. But I really think it's leading somewhere important. And PLEASE give Lydia something to do, dammit! This new cutesy partner is boring, and the pregnancy storyline.. you KNOW how I feel about those. I imagine there might be redemption when/if she decides to abort.

    WHITECHAPEL. I loved the first two, and this third one was flat out awesome. The atmosphere is brilliant. I cannot believe they are playing Kent as completely in love with Chandler as they are... it's crystal clear he's upset over Chandler's new girl!Chandler. I haz plot bunnies, yes.

    Sorry you're down, girl, hang in there.

      Who knew happy!out-of-the-closet!Cooper would be such a delight? And I was very skeptical of Lucy Liu, but she's awesome, and awesome with him--their dry little sideways smiles go so well together.

      Okay--maybe if Ben and Sammy had some more stuff to do I wouldn't be so annoyed--but I'm going to trust you that something will happen with them.

      (but do you think Cooper and Ben will ever get more scenes together or what? *pouts*)

      I am willing to be interested in a pregnancy storyline, but this one has been so cloying so far. Last week I honestly wanted to punch the screen (and you know I say that as a loving single mother myself).

      Kent being such an openly lovestruck puppy dog over Chandler is hysterical, and kind of touching. Will Chandler ever notice? *tickles your plot bunnies and encourages them to break free*

      and thanks for the kind words--things are a little better this week, thank goodness.

    I used to think I loved Southland for the John/Ben angsty bromance, but now that Ben is off with Sammy, he’s as boring and irritating as, well, as Sammy himself.

    I'm so glad you said that. Holy cow, I am starting to dislike Ben, and I didn't think that was possible. But clearly it is. Weirdly, I find Sammy much less irritating this year. He does have some cop skills. When he's not being irritating.

    But goodness, Cooper and Tang are worth the price of admission and then some, imo. Can Lucy Liu stay forever, please?

    YES THIS THIS THIS SO MUCH THIS. OFFICER TANG = FANTASTIC. Almost as awesome as the total absence of Chickie this year.

    And I really want to like the pregnant!Lydia plot line, but I am still scraping the sanctification-of-maternal-love crud off my skin from last week

    The writers are on my shit list for making Lydia...whatever it is she is right now. IDEK what they're trying to do with that plot line, but it's ridiculous.

    • lol--I think you are as happy to see Chickie gone as I am to see Tammi gone!

      Those first season female characters, except for Lydia, sucked, didn't they? I like to think that the female characters we've gotten since then--Josie (even if only I loved her) and now the fantastic Officer Tang--have been so much better. Though with what they've been doing to Lydia this, IDEK.

      And I know what you mean about Ben. It's funny: the resolved most of Ben's issues last season--and he's gotten much more boring. They resolved most of Cooper's issues--and, look, he's possibly even more fun to watch than before.

      Still, Ben was so awesome in the last couple of episodes of S3, I like to think he could come back.

      oh, and I agree about Sammy, too.
  • I cried when Coop took the ribbon off, and decided he was going to Ben after the bar. I'd write that, too, but I don't want to wrong these characters.
    • I know! He's so brusque and restrained most of the time that when he has these little moments of gentleness they just slay you!

      I do want to think he was going somewhere nice after the bar, and that there's still something between him and Ben--so, yeah, I'll go there with you :)

      They are really hard characters to write--but not impossible--you should give it a try!
  • not from the corpse, mind you but from the mention of messy bodily fluids

    I love that you can almost see him desperately trying to avoid any mention of, or need to go near any bodily fluids, bless him.
    • Man, I love that too--he must have completely lost it when he realized the baby had thrown up on him!

      But what's awesome about the character is that he's still so kind of earnestly affectionate and loyal--especially with Miles: he's willing to take the spit-up bullet of human interaction, painful as it is.

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