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the island of conclusions

this isn't a Bourne movie, you know

the island of conclusions

bright star

this isn't a Bourne movie, you know

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Fassy torso

I had another free weekend, for ongoing Familial Reasons, and for those same reasons spent a lot of time on Saturday purposefully trying not to think about stuff. You know the drill: run, movie, TV—though I did manage to have a dinner with a friend this time.

Luckily, A Dangerous Method was still playing in town. And you know, I have to say that, despite the fact that

a) Libby Gelman-Waxner in EW is right to call it the Chippendales Review of Hot Psychoanalysts; and

b) you have to suffer through several scenes of Keira Knightly chewing the carpet and elongating her jaw like the alien in Alien before it gets good;

c) you may, like me, spend more time than you should thinking how fun it would’ve been to see Michael Fassbender in an old skool Cronenberg film, pulling VHS tapes out of his abdomen and stuff like that,

I really enjoyed it. In fact, to my surprise, I think I may have enjoyed it more than either Shame or TTSS, and not just because of my general love of turn-of-the-century mittel-Europe and the history of psychoanalysis. I’d even put MF’s performance in the top rank of fully-clothed Fassbender performances (and, okay, I know there aren’t that many fully-clothed Fassbender performances*; it’s better than Jane Eyre, that’s what I’m saying). Even though he’s playing to one of his strengths (righteous ideologues and the women who love them), he really slides into the role, making Jung intense but not histrionic.

It’s a very talky film (from a play), but in a good way. And you’ll be happy to know that Fassy and Viggo Mortensen (as the dapperest, smuggest Freud you’ll ever see) are as fun having pedantic verbal jousts with each other as they would undoubtedly be defending Helm’s Deep together or waltzing or something. It’s a kick to watch them all be so cerebral—even Keira Knightly, once she gets done with the carpet-chewing, and Vincent Cassel, as Otto Gross, almost steals the film from everyone.

*Even in the two punishment!kink scenes, he keeps his shirt on, and KK just has a nipple showing. It was a repressive society, yo. At his most anguished, he takes off his shoes, and his bare feet, after all the clothing, are incredibly expressive. I’m not kidding.

In the end, I loved Cryptonomicon, but I finally admitted to myself that Quicksilver (the first part of the Baroque Trilogy that is a kind of prequel to Cryptonomicon was boring me senseless. So on a whim I dl’d Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder--because sometimes a girl just has to read listen to a book about a girl who goes down the Amazon. Y’all know how I feel about jungles, and it has the added advantage of having a substantial subplot about malaria medication. It’s all a little bit preposterous, but I’m enjoying it immensely, despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that it’s totally Heart of Darkness for girls.

It does however, often make me think of this:

I watched a couple of episodes of The Unusuals because there it is, on Netflix, and giggled over the fact that one of Jeremy Renner’s very first lines is, “This isn’t a Bourne movie, you know.”

ETA: I love the South, you know I love the South. What I don’t love? The boys’ school being delayed two hours on the strength of an eighth of an inch of snow that only stuck to the freaking grass.
  • I'd been debating about seeing "A Dangerous Method", and from your description I've just moved it up the list of possibles. Won't have any trouble with OH though, "it's got Keira Knightley in" should work.
    • Yeah, I liked it far more than I expected to--it's adapted from a play, so the script is at least articulate and coherent, and Fassbender and Mortensen give wonderful performances. Even KK, who I don't like at all as an actress, is very good. It is pretty interesting, too, on the role of class and religion in the politics of early psychoanalysis.

      nb: the beginning with KK being nutso is a little cringe-worthy, but it gets better.
  • Yeah, the snow delays down here are nuts. We actually got a little more though--there was 2 inches or so on my car. Most of the schools were closed today anyway so I suspect there are a lot of kids thinking the timing of the snow was way unfair. ;)
    • lol--two inches are the cause of extreme panic around here--the kids would probably have three days off.

      I do understand that the ice can be horrible, but this one was a little ridiculous, even by NC standards.

      Hope your snow is pretty at least!
      • Oh yeah, it would be extreme panic here too, except that it's warm and sunny today and tomorrow I think. There's some worry about ice tomorrow morning but I think that most places will be dry enough for that not to be a big issue.
        • oh yeah, it's 60 degrees here too--bye-bye snow. But I was glad we at least glimpsed snow this winter, I guess.
  • I watched The Unusuals back when it was airing. Mostly because of Amber Tamblyn, but I ended up loving all the characters. And Amber and Jeremy were great together. Such a shame they cancelled the show, it was a refreshing change to all the other cop shows out there.
    • Yeah, I didn't know what to expect, but I'm enjoying it, and wishing there was more of it. They are great together. It reminds me weirdly of that very old cop show Barney Miller--maybe just b/c they have the lock-up right in the middle of the squad room.
  • I looove that gif. I remember when I saw the movie I was thinking, what a funny way to say that. I didn't even consider the amazing gif possibilities!

    I really didn't mind Keira elogating her jaw like that. I thought it was an interesting choice to say the least, but the fact that she did it SO MUCH was a different story.

    I loooved MF and Viggo in this together, I thought they played up each other's strengths in the roles quite nicely. And I can totally see them defending Helm's Deep and talking about how one of them makes everything about sex. :P

    I thought MF's performace was very understated and lovely compared to other film's I've seen him in. I especially love how subtly his relationship changed with Keira from their first tryst to their second. <3
    • ALSO, I am SO GLAD you're watching the unusuals. Jeremy has some of the choicest lines. I just looove his character. Like a lot. <3
      • yeah--I don't think I would've watched it without you telling me about it, but I'm really enjoying it. I love the shots of NYC, and he's adorable in his squunchy way.
        • Yay! and LOL "squunchy!"

          ALSO, Your MI:4 fic is KIIIILLLING ME RIGHT NOW.

          Literally, killing me.

          I demand that you stop it with this crazy awesome fever!fic h/c crazy good hotness. But, you know, obviously NEVER STOP. T_T
          • yay! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I had a month when I could only write shameless h/c last month. I think this might be the last of it, but you never know :)
    • I know! it's such a funny little moment in the movie, with his hands on his hips. I thought MF did a nice job of portraying Jung's kind of obliviousness to everyone else.

      It was hard to watch her hysteria scenes, but I had to remind myself that when you read Freud's case histories (I've never read Jung's), that's exactly how he describes the women acting, so I guess it was historically accurate at least.

      MF and Viggo were wonderful together--it was interesting seeing MF play the "naive" one for once. Did you clink on the link of the picture of them when Fassy was drunk at the after party in London? Quite a tableau!

      He really was understated--he seemed almost relieved not to have to be smoldering all the time--but he was still so intense. And the last scene they had together, when he's so broken, was really wonderful.
  • The Lady Eve! *squees and falls over*

    glad to hear ADM was good. I enjoyed MF's Rochester more the second time when I knew what its parameters were going to be.
    • Barbara Stanwyck's voice! it's enough to make anyone fall over + that dress. I love that movie, particularly the way Henry Fonda keeps saying "you're a lot of woman for a man who's been down the Amazon for two years" (though I couldn't find a clip of it).

      I liked Jane Eyre quite a bit as a movie--maybe I should watch it again--I saw it before I even knew who MF was. ADM was better, though--Cronenberg has a surer hand, and got more consistent performances from his actors.
      • I love BS and HF together, especially the kiss scene with the interfering horse - oh, and the wedding night confessions of course!

        I thought Jane Eyre stood up well to a second viewing - the film I saw before I knew who MF was was XMFC, though afterwards I realized I'd seen him in a couple of things before...
        • You're making me want to watch it again so bad!

          The film that really made me a MF fan was Hunger, though I really liked him in XMFC. ADM was right up there, though, as a performance, though in a completely different vein.
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