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the island of conclusions

things to think about on a Thursday night

the island of conclusions

bright star

things to think about on a Thursday night

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Fassy torso
So, it's been a wearisome week here at Chez String. The week started with a two hour snow-delay at the boys' school and is ending with a Teacher Work Day. In other words: job, what job?

But let's skip the angst and go straight to the trivial, shall we?

I haven't watched any of the shows I usually keep up with--Southland, Whitechapel, and don't even ask about White Collar. The only thing I have seen is the first twenty minutes of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. They were good minutes. They led me to this question.

Who was the genius who took one look at the guy in the foreground:

and thought, hey, he could be a sexy action hero like this:

I expect this awesome lady gets most of the credit:

Today, I was tickled to find tumblr telling me that Michael Fassbender has been confirmed for Ridley Scott's new film, The Counselor, and that Jeremy Renner and Brad Pitt are rumored to be up for the role of the villain.

Tickled because that would be a lot of this:

And a lot of this:

In the same movie.

Though I expect if JR is the villain, there'd be more of this:

Fun to think about though, eh?

*none of the caps mine, all taken from the geniuses on tumblr.
**yeah, this is a doublet-free zone--I'm sure JR will be awesome as Hawkeye, but I can't handle the elf-wear.

  • Fun indeed!

    Hope you are hanging in there despite the busy chez String.
    • I enjoy the thought of MF and JR trying to immolate each other with their batshit death glares *g*

      Surviving, thanks! I had to call in the cavalry in the form of friends to spell me over the weekend, so I think we'll might make it to Monday.
  • Just what my evening needed, some gratuitous Jeremy Renner :D

    Tomorrow is non-instrutional day for my girlies too. I love my kids I do but after listening to them bicker for 12 hours I am ready to trade them in for something with a mute button.
    • Glad it hit the spot! It certainly cheered me up to make it :)

      I love mine, too, but the bickering and then the wrestling like wild dogs drives me around the bend after a while--and then they are all, "why so stressed, mama?"
  • Oh, thank you for Renner and Fassbender half-naked. That makes for a good morning.

    I really hope things calm down for you soon so you can get some rest and relax for a bit. ♥
    • Glad to be of service, bb! I don't know how much nakedness there'd be if they actually did end up in this movie together, but a girl can dream ;)

      Thanks for the good wishes! Friends are going to spell me this weekend a bit so I can run or nap, depending on my anxiety level.
  • I'm sorry you're having such a busy/fraught/stressful (pick one or many!) week.

    Thanks for the Jeremy Renner picspam!

    It's funny, intellectually, I knew he was quite short. But finally seeing The Bourne Legacy trailer made me realize that he is really tiny in a way that I didn't before.

    And heh, elf-wear. Come on, he could kick Legolas's butt.
    • Thanks, babe--it's been pretty hellish for the past four weeks or so, but maybe we're making a bit of forward progress.

      And you're welcome. He's a tiny ball of fury, that man (this cracked me up). When you see pictures of him with Ben Affleck in The Town it's particularly apparent, since no one was trying to make him look like a super action star in that one.

      But yeah, he'd reduce poor old Legolas to a pile of charred wood-elf chips with a single death ray glance :) Then he'd cut off his hair.
  • Ugh, life. Why so sucky? I wish I could whisk you away for a weekend of TV marathoning and Renner ogling. It would do you good.

    Hang in there.

    (Who is the woman in the tiny photo with Renner?)
    • Thank you for the good wishes, hon', a weekend like that would definitely do me good--my friends have rallied round to spell me enough this weekend that I can at least run and get a fancy coffee, so insanity has been staved off, at least.

      That is the awesome Kathryn Bigelow, director of the Hurt Locker. I'm sorry the picture is so small, it's a great shot, not least b/c she's about a foot taller than him.

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