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the island of conclusions

This is a Grimm post

the island of conclusions

bright star

This is a Grimm post

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bright star

Ah, the modern metrosexual bromance: a few lattes; a candle-lit vegetarian dinner or two, complete with white wine and double entendres…

…and the next thing you know you’re teamed in a cage fight.

It's like a joke that begins, "what does a Blutbad bring to the third date?"

It wasn’t the best Grimm ever, but you really can’t go wrong with cage fighting, even of the fully-clothed variety. Nick and Monroe continue to be adorable--even their gladiatorial skills are adorable--but while the this week's prize for the un-grimmness of Grimm goes to Monroe pulling the thorn nail out of the lion's guy's hand paw, the prize for hotness and badassery has to go to the mysterious Captain Renard.

Prizes also given if you can point me towards a) some h/c codas for the ep.--poor Monroe, he had to be hurting in both body and soul; or b) icon, preferably of the spooky woods.

  • I'm soooo looking forward to watching this tonight I can't even tell you XD

    I have Grimm and WC waiting for me, and now I'm not sure which one I want to see first! Embarrassement of riches!
    • I didn't know you were watching Grimm! Yay!

      I'm caught up with Grimm b/c my son likes to watch it with me, but I've only seen the first one of the latest run of WC. I'll have to catch up in one fell swoop sometimes.
      • You turned me on to it m'dear! You're a very bad influence ;-P

        And I saw someone post a h/c coda on the comm- no idea of the quality, of course, but I'll link you! http://grimm-fic.livejournal.com/46963.html
        • I did? Yay! uh, I mean sorry...

          It's a strangely feel-good show, isn't it? it's kind of the anti-Supernatural--where non-human beings are represented in shades of gray, and our hero actually has viable relationships :)

          Thanks for the link--the fic hit the spot :)
  • Unf, yes, pick the exact Renard gif that makes my knees go all wobbly. He was fantastic in this episode and I want to know EVERYTHING about him now.

    Also, seriously, cage fight! I am never getting over it. :D
    • He's totally fantastic, and he didn't even bring on the languages in this one. Can't WAIT to know what's going on w/ him.

      The cage fight was lovely--protective!Nick FTW. I'm loving Nick getting into his Grimm-badassery--even if he does it in a plaid button-down.

      Actually, one of my favorite things about the show is the costume and set design--so many fabulous sweaters and pieces of mid-modern furniture.
  • Grimm is totally my recreational brainless watching for the winter. My main gripe with it is that because Nick is the main character, we only see all the others interact with him. I want to see Monroe talk to Juliette, more Hank and Wu chats, Renard and HIS WHOLE GORRAM BACKSTORY! Ignore my feels about POV shows!

    I did enjoy this episode, and oh god now I really want to visit Portland, because it looks so pretty!!
    • Oh, yay! I'm glad you're watching and enjoying Grimm. It's a feel-good show, isn't it? good-natured and pretty in a way that doesn't try too hard/doesn't demand too much.

      I want to see Monroe talk to Juliette so bad I have a whole running conversation going on in my mind. And Renard deserves his whole episode at this point. I'm very worried that Wu hasn't been in the last two episodes--I loved him, and hope they didn't drop the character.

      Portland does look pretty--and I love the whole temperate rain forest thing. I was in Seattle in Jan., though, and I don't think I could survive long in a place with that little sunlight. Good food and coffee would go a long way, tho'!
  • Um make me stop watching that gif it's melting whats left of my brain and keeping me from work. guh. So glad that we're getting more on Renard's story another thing I liked about this ep is the ring was started to be adresssed. Poor Julliette. Good, strong ep.

    Edited at 2012-02-28 07:00 pm (UTC)
    • hee! I knew exactly which gif I wanted when I went to search tumblr--it's something else, huh?

      I'd almost forgotten about the ring til she pulled it out. I'm glad they're starting to think about pulling all the pieces together.
  • Dear lord, I loved this episode. I'd been hoping and hoping that this show would manage to grab me, because I really like the mythology and the creepiness and the sort-of-originality of it. And this episode, yeah, this episode is where I want it to go. :)

    I would not say boo to an h/c coda, either.
    • I'm glad the episode pulled you in! I find I enjoy the show in a way that is more than the sum of its parts. I just kind of love its world view--both the way it looks, and the way Nick and Monroe's first impulse is always to try and help rather than just to stamp out bad guys. Also, the way the creature world is represented in shades of gray rather than black and white.

      The coda anniehow linked above is pretty good, though it makes short work of Juliette, who I like a lot.
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