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the island of conclusions

but it's usually subtext

the island of conclusions

bright star

but it's usually subtext

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Someday I will make a serious post. But since life is still making me shed tears of emotional and physical exhaustion on a daily basis, today is not the day.

Have this instead:

ETA: the video is here! But here's a still in case it goes away again:

I love him to pieces, but action!Benedict cracks me up. He always seems to have his special Ima-hit-you-now-boy face on

A Very Small Picspam of Cumber-punches

Okay, you can go on with your regularly scheduled activities now.
  • Ah, the copyright elves were faster than you!
    • dang! sorry about that--I've put up a still from the scene, but it's not as much fun as watching BC and Zack Quinto (and their stunt doubles) wail on each other. BC has just about the same expression he does in the Sherlock clip--but then he goes to a Vulcan death pinch or whatever it's called.

      ah, there's a link to the vid up there now.

      Edited at 2012-02-28 10:11 pm (UTC)
  • I am ridiculously excited by ST2 and Cumberpatch - but alas, the vid is gone :( I get a message about paramount taking it down.

    but still excited \o/
    • Sorry about that! I've put up a still, but it isn't quite as much fun as watching BC and ZQ wail on each other :(

      I am excited, too--and tickled to see BC join the cast, even if I remain to be convinced of his action!villain skills.
      • well... I still half expect Spock to start craving brains and look evil... and stuff :)

        Luckily LJ ONTD is showing it too, and its hilarious. I do think Cumberpatch would make a good Vulcan - he has the cheek bones for it ;)
        • yay! I'm glad you saw it--it's a scream, isn't it? He would make a good Vulcan, or a good Romulan, as someone on my flist suggested a while ago.
  • I'm sorry that life is kicking your butt! A lot of my friends are going through such tough times this year. 2012 is so fired. >:(

    I hope you're getting to do some calming yoga or whatever you need to take care of yourself. Take care, friend.
    • Thanks, sweetheart. I feel like I've gone over some watershed where the amount of recovery time I'd need to get over the last couple weeks is impossible to ever get. But expect I'm just being grandiose and it will all smooth out in time.

      Next week is my spring break, at least, and I think I will try to get a massage.
  • I'm sorry things are still rough, and I'm looking forward to watching these when I get home.
    • Thank you! atm I feel worn out in a way I can't imagine bouncing back from. But I expect I'm just being grandiose, and when and if I get through the two work trips I have planned for the end of the month things will smooth out.

      Sadly, the BC/ZQ smackdown vid has been taken down. There's just a still up there now in its place. But listening to Tom Hardy discuss the power of Ben punch is always fun.

      Hope you're feeling better too!
  • I too am sorry that you're having a tough time. On the other hand if it causes you to post punching BC then at least we get to share the pretties. Hope life eases up a bit soon.
    • Thank you, hon'. It's been a rough few weeks, and I'm really wrung out. But, yeah, not so much that I can't enjoy BC throwing punches (not one of his strengths as an actor, imo, but still pretty!)
  • (no subject) -
    • Thanks, hon'. My internal monologue is so maudlin these days I can't really bear to share it. Hoping it fades in time.

      I'm very behind on the ST spoilers, but the BC/ZQ smackdown in the sadly departed video is a scream. I'm really looking forward to the film.
  • I'm sorry... I was so distracted by Zach Quinto's ass that I... may have left my own body for a bit there....

    These are lovely - thanks for posting.
    • It certainly is distracting, isn't it? *g*

      and that's certainly a smackdown pairing I never expected to see--very satisfying, tho'--can't wait for the movie.
      • Me too - I confess I haven't been paying attention to the production at all, and now I can't wait.
  • Thank you. :D I hope the rest of your life gets happy again soon!
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