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the island of conclusions

but it's usually subtext

the island of conclusions

bright star

but it's usually subtext

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Someday I will make a serious post. But since life is still making me shed tears of emotional and physical exhaustion on a daily basis, today is not the day.

Have this instead:

ETA: the video is here! But here's a still in case it goes away again:

I love him to pieces, but action!Benedict cracks me up. He always seems to have his special Ima-hit-you-now-boy face on

A Very Small Picspam of Cumber-punches

Okay, you can go on with your regularly scheduled activities now.
  • Thanks, sweetheart. I feel like I've gone over some watershed where the amount of recovery time I'd need to get over the last couple weeks is impossible to ever get. But expect I'm just being grandiose and it will all smooth out in time.

    Next week is my spring break, at least, and I think I will try to get a massage.
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