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the island of conclusions

but it's usually subtext

the island of conclusions

bright star

but it's usually subtext

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Someday I will make a serious post. But since life is still making me shed tears of emotional and physical exhaustion on a daily basis, today is not the day.

Have this instead:

ETA: the video is here! But here's a still in case it goes away again:

I love him to pieces, but action!Benedict cracks me up. He always seems to have his special Ima-hit-you-now-boy face on

A Very Small Picspam of Cumber-punches

Okay, you can go on with your regularly scheduled activities now.
  • Thank you! atm I feel worn out in a way I can't imagine bouncing back from. But I expect I'm just being grandiose, and when and if I get through the two work trips I have planned for the end of the month things will smooth out.

    Sadly, the BC/ZQ smackdown vid has been taken down. There's just a still up there now in its place. But listening to Tom Hardy discuss the power of Ben punch is always fun.

    Hope you're feeling better too!
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