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the island of conclusions

'No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.'

the island of conclusions

bright star

'No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.'

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bright star
The boys got Men in Black out of the library. I’d forgotten how wonderful Tommy Lee Jones is in it.

The River

Caught up. Still ridiculous. Still enjoying the hell out of it. There’s no explanation.

So Emmett Cole was in a cocoon this whole time. Huh. Haven’t seen that since Babylon Five.

There seems to be a lot of hate for Tess Cole on tumblr, which I can see, sure, but I have to say I’m kind of partial to her—and not just because she has a collection of headbands and wraps that any curly-haired girl in a humid environment would envy. No—I just kind of like her obsessive take-charge bitchiness.

Plus, the only relationship on the show that seems real enough to invest in (though not in a shippy way) is the mother-son relationship between Tess and Lincoln. You have to do a little hand-waving with their ages (not that much), but otherwise they seem so naturally affectionate and annoyed and passionate with each other, whereas most of the other relationships seem a little forced.

I was both tickled and piqued to find out that the show films in Hawaii rather than in Amazonia someplace. Piqued, because I like the Amazon (though it explains why the jungle looked suspiciously like...Oahu); tickled, because it seems to increase the likelihood of Steve McGarrett stepping out of the undergrowth, offering to let them use his satellite phone and curing all their ills with a hollowed out twig. And then taking them back to Kamekona’s for some spicy shrimp.

(This isn’t the Amazon?, they’d say, and Steve would say, “I’ve been to the Amazon, brah, and this ain’t no Amazon.”)

Next week is the last episode and I’m sad.

Grimm 1x14

Okay, again, my first comment has to go to the wonderful production design. All the copper ornamentation and sculpture was just amazing—particularly the dragon girl’s house and the mouth of the old railroad tunnel. Outsider art or what?

And I quite liked the dragon girl. It’s about time Nick had a slutty adversary *iz shallow* And the look on his face when he told Juliette, “um, her day job is being fire dancer” was priceless.

Most importantly, Monroe met Juliette!!! What will happen next?! (stay, Juliette, stay!).

Let me also rec you a lovely m/m romance novel, Bonds of Earth. This is straight-to-the-vein h/c id!fic.

I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, but it resembles nothing so much as one of those epic J2 AU fics. You know the type: Jensen Ackles has returned from the Great War crippled in body and spirit, secluding himself in his family’s Hudson River mansion. Jared Padalecki grew up rough in the Bowery, and thought that medical school was his way out. War crushed his dreams as well. When Jensen hires Jared as a gardener for the estate, they find they can help each other in more ways than one. (NC-17, schmoop, h/c, scar!fic, rimming).

But the fic-y-ness of it doesn’t really show up except in the neat and wish-fulfill-y nature of the plot, and the characterization and plotting are crisp enough to carry you past that.

Besides, who doesn’t want to read a book about a raven-haired boy with the build of a longshoreman who learned his state-of-the-art massage skills in a Village bathhouse every once in a while?

Also relevant to your interests: another great Casey-centric (with Casey/Walsh friendship) Unusuals fic, this one by topaz119

Happy weekend, folks!
  • Baby, you made my morning with that Unusuals rec. It was so so relevant to many of my interests and it was freaking hilarious and adorable to boot! <3
    • Yay! It's a great fic--and Casey is such and awesome character. I love the relationship b/w her and Walsh on that show (and I also love the Walsh/Beaumont relationship).

  • That book sounds enjoyable, and I really liked the Unusuals fic. Thank you for the recs.
    • The book is very enjoyable, in an h/c + porn kind of way--but I really felt attached to the main character when I finished, so it definitely did something right. I would bet money the author wrote fic at some point, though--just based on the nature of the sex scenes.

      Glad you liked the Unusuals fic!
      • I think I've heard that it actually is repurposed fic, but as long as I don't know which fandom, I don't mind.
        • I'd believe it--it's very J2-y--one of the characters even looks a lot like Jensen Ackles. But if so, it's good!fic --well characterized and well-paced, so I didn't mind.

          (one of the comments on Goodreads complained that the sex scene at the end felt tacked on, and I felt like replying, don't you know a fanfic convention when you see one?)
  • (no subject) -
    • The book is totally lovely--though more a romance than a historical novel. I felt very attached to the POV character by the end, so it did something right! I'd swear the author wrote/writes fic, though, based on the quality of the sex scenes alone.

      Glad you enjoyed City of Thieves! Were you casting the movie version in your head like I was?
      • (no subject) -
        • Well, I didn't get to anything definitive. Rooney Mara for the sniper chick; some unknown for Lev; Ron Perlman (who read the version I listened to), for the general.

          Clearly, Kolya was the kind of part that could make some young, blond actor's career. The "Cossack face" description made me wish that it could be Bradley James's breakout part, but he's not as seductive as Kolya needs to be.
  • I still have to catch up with "The River" because so far I'm enjoying it too!

    Monroe meeting Juliette in this episode of Grimm was one of my favourite parts :D
    • It made me so happy that they met! I can see them getting on really well together (and teasing Nick mercilessly).

      I hope you continue to like The River--it's crazy, but fun.

  • So glad you liked the fic--it was super-fun/easy to write. Very soothing. I'm currently trying to puzzle out just exactly how Walsh and Beaumont hooked up--I am on way too many boring deployment calls and they're keeping me pleasantly distracted for now. :D
    • It was great! And I wanted to make sure other people saw it, since I don't think there's an Unusuals com or anything.

      And does this mean you're going to write some Walsh/Beaumont hooking up fic? 'Cause that would be awesome!! I love how straight-up sexy they are with each other, and caring in a brusque, straightforward way.
      • I'd love to write some Walsh/Beaumont, if I can get them right. Like you said, they're straight-up with each other--I wish there was a little more to work with, canon-wise.
        • you could totally get them right! though you're right that the minimal (*sob*) canon doesn't give you much of a sense of Walsh's pre-Casey life with his corrupt partner...Canon does give a good sense of the, um, capaciousness of their sex lives, though. *enables like a crazy enabler*
          • Hah, yes, there is a virtually infinite canon-based potential for PWPs with those two. :D Getting them to take the first step, though--that's what I keep turning over in my brain, because neither of them strike me as the type who would casually sleep with someone they work with. I'm good with them casually sleeping with everyone else in NY, mind, just not the inter-squad thing.
            • I think you're right--they wouldn't have casually slept with each other. In my head, they were good friends first--being the only two sane people in that squad room before Casey showed up. And then...

              IDK, you could always use some fandom trope like "undercover as a couple" or "locked in a meatlocker together huddling together for warmth."

              Or maybe he did something dorky and adorable like asking her out on a date to a fancy restaurant. And it's a disaster, but they realize there's something there.

              • I keep hearing her tell him, "Your partner is a pig, Walsh," and that leads to ... something. I can't imagine Cole would take it well, and Beaumont having to tell him to back off and let her handle it, which Walsh would respect... I don't know where all that goes yet, but I could see that being a catalyst.
                • Yes! I can totally see that! And it would be a crisis that would bring their feelings to the surface, but also show how much Walsh trusts and respects her. *eggs you on*
  • Oh, Grimm! Loved the scene where the dragon lady molested him (his face!) and she was quite fun with her evil/crazy stalker ways.

    And then Monroe stopping everything to tell Nick who first invented those carts! And Nick waiting for him to finish! and then their glee when they got the cart to start! And "I'm glad to risk my life for a woman I've never met... or, you know, never been introduced to" "you're going to bring that up now??". Basically, the cart was my favourite moment in the series yet (Plus "now YOU scream", Juliette kicks some serious ass!).
    • Oh, I loved all those scenes too! I felt like Steve and Danny can have car-guments, but Nick and Monroe have cart-guments *g*

      Juliette is fabulous--I hope they don't write it so that she leaves Nick!
  • Besides, who doesn’t want to read a book about a raven-haired boy with the build of a longshoreman who learned his state-of-the-art massage skills in a Village bathhouse every once in a while?

    LOL No one very fun, that's for sure. G.N. Chevalier should hire you as a publicist! Book is magicking its way onto my kindle as I type!

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