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the island of conclusions

The Prometheus has landed

the island of conclusions

bright star

The Prometheus has landed

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Fassy torso

Noomi seems to have inherited the memorial Sigourney Weaver underwear.

Also a Fassy!bot promo

Let's just take a moment to think about this cast: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce. And others.


  • Have you seen the faux-TED talk Guy Pearce did as a viral marketing piece? My oldest saw that and immediately announced that this one was non-negotiable and we were doing it in IMAX3D.
    • No! I don't see anything unless it comes up under the Fassbender tag on tumblr (I have a one track mind).

      The movie theater trailer (I just posted it) scares me! I think IMAX3D would make my head explode! Still gonna see it, though, even if I have to peer through my fingers.
      • I can't embed, but the TED talk is here:


        We're seriously looking forward to this movie, thought I suspect I will also be watching through my hands. The original Alien scared the shit out of me.
        • oh wow, that's terrifying! I can see the commitment to IMAX now.

          The original Alien scared the shit out of me too--but I'm gonna be brave and go see this one.
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