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the island of conclusions

Thank you and chag samaech

the island of conclusions

bright star

Thank you and chag samaech

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bright star

Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday messages and excellent pictures and vids yesterday! They were much appreciated, in a birthday that was pretty much jammed with non-birthday things.

Chag sameach to everyone celebrating the first night of Passover tonight. And to those of you who observe that new-fangled religion, happy Easter. (or happy spring and rebirth celebration of your choice)

Nb: due to the busyness of both rl and fandom in general, Running Hot II has been postponed for a couple of weeks.

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  • Happy Birthday and Chag Sameach!
  • Chag Sameach and happy birthday! I hope this year of your life is excellent.
  • Happy birthday!
  • Happy, happy slightly belated b-day! <333 I hope you have a marvelous year.

    Running Hot! \o/ I was wondering about that the other day, nom, nom, nom.
  • happy birthday for yesterday!
  • Your birthday. Of course. Sorry, and belated congratulations!

    Happy Easter is appreciated by follower of new-fangled religion. I'd wish you Chag Sameach too if I had any idea what it means...

    You know, depending on whether or not there'll be a holmestice this summer (which it currently doesn't look like) and/or my RL workload will be as catastrophic as I fear it may become, I'll consider Running Hot this time. It would be nice to have something to write for, if I'm not too busy to write at all.
    • Thank you! and no worries--I barely had time to register that it was my birthday at all yesterday.

      "Chag Sameach" is just a general "happy holiday" in transliterated Hebrew--there's no particular greeting that goes with Passover.

      It would be so cool if you could write something for Running Hot--I hope and expect there will be a lot of good prompts. I feel the same way about my rl workload, but hopefully it will ease up some at the end of the month.

      Have a great Easter weekend!
  • Everybody stop right now:

    there's going to be a Running Hot 2???

    • Yup! *grins madly*

      I've been trying to find a time to do it when I'm not too swamped for ~4 months now, but I think the end of April will really be it!

      Hope to see you there, bb!
  • Belated happy birthday. Hope you have a great weekend.
    • Thank you! I'm still reeling a little from last week's trip, but it's Passover and my dad's here, so it's been nice so far.
  • Adding my belated happy birthday wishes and general excitement and glee that there will be a new Running Hot! \o/

    Sorry about all the non-birthday things, but I hope you have a nice Passover and some non-stressful family time this weekend. (We do Easter, but for us it basically just means chocolates and an egg hunt.) Chag sameach!
    • Thank you! And, yeah, I'm pretty excited too! I'm sorry to keep deferring it, but I think at the end of April things might genuinely be a bit less crazy.

      My birthday always falls at a really busy time of year, so it's just the usual. At least it doesn't usually snow here at the beginning of April, as it does every place else I've ever lived. And my dad's in town for Passover, which is nice.

      Enjoys the chocolates and egg hunting! When I was a kid, I was more jealous of Easter than of Christmas--mostly b/c I loved the craftiy-ness of dying eggs. I was always thrilled when a friend would invite me over to do it with them.
  • Oh, shoot, I missed it - my apologies, sugar! Happy belated birthday, and I hope all things wonderful happen for you this year.
    • Thank you! And no worries--I practically missed it myself, I was so slammed with other things yesterday. One of our good friends/neighbors has the same birthday, so they are having a get together tomorrow for us both, which will mark the occasion.
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