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the island of conclusions

Remix, etc.

the island of conclusions

bright star

Remix, etc.

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Remix Redux went live this afternoon and I got the most delightful remix of my Downey films story, A Beautiful Pea-Green Boat.

It's called Two Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the fog), and, as in the original, Holmes and Watson spend some time stranded in a lifeboat. The remixer has added all kinds of hilarious and spot-on details as to how they got there, wrapped it up in a fantastically acerbic Watson voice and made it all far more in character than than my version was. Go read it--it will completely brighten your day!

And while I'm getting you to read things, let me send you to the Five Acts stories people wrote for me

greenhoodloxley wrote The Lash of his Tongue (Esca/Marcus NC-17) -- a fabulous, movie-canon, verbal humiliation fic.

and hiddencait wrote a Walsh/Beaumont (the Unusuals, NC-17) fic featuring steaming hot impact play fic (it's up on AO3 here)

The meme was a complete bust for me due to the ongoing domestic crisis--I didn't write a thing. But maybe I can go back later and write something for these guys.

Speaking of writing: I wrote two fics for remix. One I wrote weeks ahead of the deadline, had double-beta'd and carefully edited. One was a pinch hit I wrote in an almost literal fugue state of sleep deprivation and anxiety due to the ongoing domestic crisis, didn't have beta'd at all, and posted at the last possible minute. Guess which one has more than twice the hits than the other atm? I despair of myself as a fic writer sometimes.

I keep meaning to do an actual TV write up, but tonight is not the night. I'll just tell you that son #2 and I have been consoling ourselves with the DVD of MI4, which does not pale upon re-watching, especially certain scenes involving tall buildings. I've come to see that Tom Cruise's surprisingly perfect comic timing is the true star of the movie.
  • You are a fantastic writer, never doubt it. I am a FAN. A huge one.

    *sends lots of hugs your way*
  • (no subject) -
    • thank--it's much appreciated!

      that may be true--I'm a terrible over-thinker of all things, so it is sometimes better if I get the words out without my writerly super-ego getting in the way.

      though the two fics have evened out somewhat today and the recipient of the non-pinch hit one has given me some lovely feedback (the other recipient hasn't responded at all, but this is in keeping with my horrible fic exchange karma and I am used to it). So maybe careful!writer!me didn't mess up that badly.

      thanks, but there is no relaxation or comfort in the offing for the next two weeks at least--though I'll take the good thoughts gratefully anyway!
  • Allow me to point you in the direction of the fanfic flamingo:


    It speaks the truth.
    • lol--I love the fanfic flamingo! I think I should really just write prompts from you--at least two of my best stories are things you got me to write!
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