the island of conclusions (ariadnes_string) wrote,
the island of conclusions

Vancouver! (?)

So, of all things, I have a professional opportunity to go to Vancouver in August '10...

There are plenty of good reasons to do it: it's a nice, even flattering, professional thing; I have a good fried who lives there who I hardly ever get to see; and I've been once before, and it's a beautiful city, with excellent food.

One the downside: I'd have to put together a (very grown-up) presentation that won't embarrass me--that's gonna take a lot of work; finding childcare for a trip that long is always a major undertaking, though summer is better for that kind of thing (my friend says, bring the boys--but it's a helluva long plane ride from NC to VN).

But you know what the deciding factor is gonna be: SPN fandom!

It's not the same weekend as the next VanCon, not that I have the intestinal fortitude for that kind of thing anyway, and I know that, even if there is a sixth season, my chances of seeing one of the Js in a restaurant or something is, well, infinitesimal. But maybe I could do a secret little tour of some old locations or something? There must be some crazy fan-list of them somewhere...

I think I'm gonna do it...

Tags: rl, spn
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