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the island of conclusions

Vancouver! (?)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Vancouver! (?)

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bright star
So, of all things, I have a professional opportunity to go to Vancouver in August '10...

There are plenty of good reasons to do it: it's a nice, even flattering, professional thing; I have a good fried who lives there who I hardly ever get to see; and I've been once before, and it's a beautiful city, with excellent food.

One the downside: I'd have to put together a (very grown-up) presentation that won't embarrass me--that's gonna take a lot of work; finding childcare for a trip that long is always a major undertaking, though summer is better for that kind of thing (my friend says, bring the boys--but it's a helluva long plane ride from NC to VN).

But you know what the deciding factor is gonna be: SPN fandom!

It's not the same weekend as the next VanCon, not that I have the intestinal fortitude for that kind of thing anyway, and I know that, even if there is a sixth season, my chances of seeing one of the Js in a restaurant or something is, well, infinitesimal. But maybe I could do a secret little tour of some old locations or something? There must be some crazy fan-list of them somewhere...

I think I'm gonna do it...

  • Heee! Vancouver is awesome, you so should!

    Location seeing is great fun! There are quite a few super easy ones downtown, anything in particular you'd like to see? There were a few resources pre-Vancouver (raloria put together a general one, although without some of the more useful on the ground detail needed for site visits) and I'm sure there will have been a few more put together post Vancouver.
    • There are quite a few super easy ones downtown
      That's great to hear--thanks! I'm going to start bookmarking resources now. Which was the best one you saw (well, best, and easy to see)?

      Yeah--how can I resist? *g*
      • hugemind probably has the best rundown of locations visited with pics if you want to see what you can see. If you have a car and town boundary bay is pretty awesome, downtown the church from HotH on the corner of Burrard (and possibly Nelson? might be one up) is really awesome and easy to find.

        The best one I saw was the one I most definitely can't talk about ;) but that wouldn't be accessible to the general public anyway, ditto some of the awesome other places I went. Cleveland Dam was great and easy to get to by public transport but that only nailed on episode/a few scenes and you could see a lot more locations from more eps if you were just wandering around downtown.

        Edited at 2009-09-10 11:26 pm (UTC)
        • Thank you for the link! I'll probably be downtown, so maybe the church would be easiest to find. Also loved that sleezy hotel sign at the bottom of the staircase from 5.01--that looked downtown too...

          Locations too secret to talk about sound awesome!
          • It did! It made me think of being on the bus just south of Granville Island. I'm sure someone will work it out where it is! ETA: The sight below (aside from having episode title spoilers in the releveant post) has that street from 5.01 as actually in New Westminster rather than Downtown.

            Indeed! :D

            Edited at 2009-09-12 10:35 pm (UTC)
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    • Excellent linkie, you enabling kitty-cat, you!

      I'm not sure how I can resist going....despite the (non-fannish) work it's going to entail!
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