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the island of conclusions

Running Hot!

the island of conclusions

bright star

Running Hot!

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Running Hot II is off to a prompt-tacular start (click banner to go the lj site).

There are prompts up for H50, SPN, Sherlock, White Collar, Grimm, MI4, The Unusuals, ReGenesis, The Avengers, Burn Notice, Merlin, Firefly, and probably some other excellent fandoms I'm forgetting. Come by and play--leave a prompt, fill one, or just enjoy!

In other h/c news: I know I've been sporadic in my journal reading for the past few months weeks, but why did no one tell me that the most fic-like on-screen h/c I may have ever seen was going on on House this week? I watched last night, and even though I haven't followed the show for years, I am clearly going to have to watch the last few episodes of the series, even though I'm sure they're going to rip my heart out.

And a question: if I were to take myself to a movie tomorrow, which of these is the most likely to help me forget my troubles/give me have a good cry: The Avengers; The Hunger Games; 21 Jump Street; other.

See you at the meme!
  • I just got home from Avengers and it was lots of fun with a just a bit of sadness but probably would've been less so if I hadn't just caught up on the movies since I'm not in the fandom. I haven't seen anything else recent.
    • Yeah, I feel like I might have to see The Avengers, if only to understand what's going on on my flist for the forseeable future. Superheroes aren't usually my thing, and I don't do comics, but I did see and enjoy Captain America.

  • For a good cry, I'd go with Avengers. For forgetting your troubles...I'd probably also go with Avengers! But then, I'm a huge fan....

    As for House, I haven't watched it at all this season; I thought it jumped the shark last season if not before. But yeah, I am beginning to think I should be watching it now....*lurks furtively in all her old House communities*
    • Yeah, I might have to see Avengers, if only to understand what's going on on my flist for the foreseeable future. RDJ always has the key to my heart, anyway.

      This was exactly my reaction! I don't think I've watched any of the last two seasons, but when I saw this storyline in EW of all places I had to watch. And 8x19 is a heckuva episode, even if I didn't recognize half the faces. Then I poked around my flist to see if anyone was still watching, and didn't find much.

      I think I'm in for the final few episodes, though!

      Edited at 2012-05-06 01:09 pm (UTC)
  • There wasn't much h/c in the episodes before... It was a last-scene cliffhanger revelation in the previous one and that's it, it's a new story arc. But mid season there was a two-parter Chase h/c fest, if you're interested ;-D episodes 11 and 12
    • Ah, so I was right that it didn't matter if I knew who all those other personality-less doctors were!

      But what did you think of the episode, with the vomiting and the declarations of love and my all time favorite of House watching Wilson sleep? Are you in it 'til the end now?

      I'll have to go back and catch those other eps.
      • Oh, I've been steadily keeping watch, I'm in 'till the end for sure ;-P The promos for tonight look pretty awesome. And it reminds me that there was actually a pretty important development re. h/c before "the big C" revelation... did you catch any of the Dominica storyline?
        • No! that was the first episode I've watched in a while (except for going back to see Jeremy Renner's episode in S4). I'll have to go back later, but I'm definitely going to watch tonight's sometime this week (not tonight)--what a classic set up!

          And tonight Steve is back on H50!

          *happy sigh*
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