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the island of conclusions

the whole love

the island of conclusions

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the whole love

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house face
You know what I missed after not watching House for several years? Hugh Laurie's face, that's what.

It's not just that he does such glorious reaction shots, it's that his reactions make you believe he's really watching and listening--and seeing and hearing more than the average bear. And when House is reacting to Wilson? Well, it doesn't get any better than that. I mean, all Holmeses love their Watsons, but the way House loves Wilson is something else.

Ahem. Feel free to discuss 8x19 and 8x20, just know that I know nothing about what happened before these episodes.

Also: Running Hot II is simmering along nicely. Click the link for prompts for things like:

Downton Abbey
Warrior (2011)
Pirates! Band of Misfits
Phineas and Ferb
And many more!

The master list of this year's fills is here and the AO3 collection for both years is here
  • Ok. Good. So: where to start? Hugh Laurie's faces are always a strong selling point, I feel, yes *nods*. He can pack so much into one expression (and he must, because the dialog is certainly not going give us any hint).

    I'm not sure if you mind spoilers about what's happened before re. House/others, because there's some interesting developments in terms of his relationships (or else the writers are all over the place and can't stay consistent come hell or high water ;-P)
    • IKR? It's amazing he can wring anything new or subtle out of the same old interactions. Tell me what you thought of 8x20! I am happy to be spoiled, for things before or even after.

      (I know Thirteen is coming back and I am psyched!)
      • Ok, see, the big thing that happened in the past season was that House and Cuddy started a relationship. As you can surmise, it didn't end well (in fact it pretty much ended as badly as possible, with House driving his car through her living room and going to prison for a year -the first episode of this season he was serving his sentence and it's highly recommended viewing). The relationship had it's highs and lows, until she had a cancer scare and House basically bailed on her, only to drag himself back to her bedside after a fortifying dose of drugs. Cuddy decided she couldn't deal anymore with his drug problem and dumped his ass. And then, since the show is called House, she's the one who had to quit her job and move out of state.


        House rebounded this season by marrying (yep! marrying!) Dominica, a comely immigrant who needed a green card. Dominica liked House and was pretty awesome in her own right, but he kept her at a distance (at the same time, for maximum pain, falling in love with her). When her green card finally came through, House did the one thing that would drive her away for good and didn't tell her- obviously she ended up finding out and leaving, but you got the sense that she wasn't angry so much as pitying him for clearly sabotaging the relationship just when it was starting to develop into something more. In that same episode, as House walks into Wilson's office and tells him that Dominica dumped him, Wilson replies with "I have cancer".

        So: House sticking with Wilson is perhaps the first time that he sticks with someone when the going gets tough and he might (almost certainly) get hurt. Giving up his drugs for him was a further step that he hadn't been able to take with Cuddy.

        I was pretty annoyed that they took the exact same route (cancer scare!) for both relationships, but for Wilson it was well developed and had really interesting repercussions on him as an oncologist; For Cuddy it turned out to be a begin tumor, and for that kind of story there's a number of other ailments that could have fitted her character better.

        Ok, favourite h/c parts: House toasting to all the nasty shit ahead, just to make sure Wilson is up for it.

        House hooking them both to morphine, and then later counting his pills and swiggin from the bottle.

        Wilson collapsed on the floor, ranting in anger and House's faces oh god Hugh Laurie, what am I going to do without your face on my screen very week /o\

        What about your thoughts?
        • Interesting! I kind of followed the whole Cuddy debacle without actually watching, but I had no idea about the other plot--it sounds worth watching!

          But yeah, all that makes the way he's sticking with Wilson even more moving *sniff*

          All those moments were my favorites too! Plus him saying that he didn't mind changing adult diapers 'cause he's a doctor (like he'd ever do that for anyone else!), holding the bucket for Wilson to be sick in and (especially) just sitting and waiting for Wilson to wake up at the end. (one of my all-time favorite house moments is House doing paper work with his legs up on Wilson's hospital bed after the whole kidney transplant thing).

          And the faces! HL does that "I stare death in the face every day" look better than anybody. And his expression in 8x20 while Wilson was trying to park the car? amused/irritated/affectionate/philosophical with moving more than a few muscles.

          I'm going to miss him too!
  • Hmmm, I haven't watched House in YEARS. But maybe I should start again?
    • Well, if you want to see some high-quality m/m h/c up on your screen, I completely recommend 8x19!

      I don't know hardly anything about what's happened in seasons 7 & 8, but it didn't matter (except that I didn't know the names of half the current fellows, but that didn't matter). I'm definitely watching the last two episodes of the show now (it's ending this year).
    • Those last two episodes----- Eeeeeeee! Yes! Watch them!
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  • I totally agree with you about House. Haven't watched for a couple years but did catch the last couple episodes, and I will finish the year with the show as well. To me, it's always been about Wilson & House, and it has been lovely watching the two of them in action again.
    • I couldn't agree more! Together, they really are the best, and I'm glad the writers had the good sense to spend at least a good part of the closing episodes on their relationship (though I'm a little afraid of having my heart ripped to shreds)
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