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the island of conclusions

Sunday afternoon

the island of conclusions

bright star

Sunday afternoon

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bright star
I have been remiss about reminders, but RUNNING HOT II is percolating along. deepbluemermaid has been posting some great H50 WIPs, which you can access via THE MASTER LIST and there are prompts galore in a plethora of fandoms at the prompting post, if you're looking for ideas about what to write this afternoon!

In the meantime, have some previews and sneak peaks.

Tom Hardy-at-Cannes goodness has been flooding tumblr this weekend click the tag and see how you feel about the beard.

ETA: Here's the actual preview:

And if for some reason you haven't seen the Magic Mike international trailer, I think you owe yourself the pleasure (linking b/c I can't find one to embad.

In other news, I have seen the season finale of Grimm and 1x12 of the sadly cancelled Awake but I haven't seen the H50 finale or House 8x21 yet, but I'm thoroughly spoiled for all, so feel free to share your thoughts. And I'm off to Hunger Games movie now, so that too!
  • I loved Grimm and I felt so bad for Juliette, the way she was looking at Nick, probably thinking he'd lost his mind...
    • I loved it too! I loved how they let Juliette get almost to the truth by herself with her science skills, but then, yeah, the way she was watching Nick while he got so excited about his secret weapons cache was just heartbreaking. I don't want her ever to be a force for ill, but I admit I'm curious about what might happen next season.

      And thrilled there's going to be another season--I've really grown to love the show!
      • It's just so nice to have a cop show of any kind, where the cops not only follow procedure, but where they're first response isn't violence.

        Like that ep with the bird wessen who was abused by her boyfriend who just wanted her golden egg... I loved that Nick didn't just get violent against the guy from the start, even knowing he wasn't human, but that his first response was to call the police and file a report, with Juliette quietly offering their help if the woman needed it.

        Far too many shows have the hero character stepping in all violent and heroically, and forget that it isn't that easy.

        Or in the finale, where instead of kicking in the door or something like that, Wu goes to get the key with the super. Or hell, just the fact that Nick actually knows how to call for back up and share with his cop partner when possible.
        • Yes! This is exactly what I feel about it!

          Plus that it doesn't treat the Wessen as different and therefore evil creatures who need to be expunged. They are complicated beings with their own complicated reasons for doing right or wrong--and Nick's impulse seems to always be to find a way for everyone to live together peaceably. I'm glad the show has turned this into kind a plot point about the difference between Nick and other Grimms--because it seems something worth caring about.

          I love all the moments you mention, plus, that moment when Ian the freedom fighter was getting all upset about working with a Grimm, and Monroe tells him "it's all about equality, isn't it? that's what we're fighting for, isn't it?"

          A show whose ethos is that difference doesn't necessarily mean conflict--that's a show I can get behind!
  • I am full of *squee* for House! I swore off it this season - but I was kidding myself. I'm back. My sister asked me if she should try to catch up on this season and I told her - just the last 2 eps she's missed, and then the finale Monday. She has to see those if she's ever had any kind of affection for the show!
    • I just watched 8x21!

      Me too--I stopped watching two seasons ago, but I had to come back for the last four--painful as they are, they've been so good! I'm a little scared for the last episode, though.

      I think the tumblr-wits are right: it's more painful than Reichenbach, partly because you really can believe House and Wilson are the age they're supposed to be. How often do you see middle-aged men having actual, legitimate, emotional interaction like that?

      Plus, I kinda loved the gothic thing of the hospital flooding with all the emotions House has been repressing.
  • for you have mistook me all this while

    I'm not quite sure what I feel about the beard. I will have to look and ponder more.

    Love, love, love the clip from Richard II. John of Gaunt's monologue and the hollow crown speech are among my absolute favorite. I think I prefer Richard (how funny is that) on kingship to Hal's thoughts on ceremony.
    • Re: for you have mistook me all this while

      It requires pondering, doesn't it? Still, if anyone can pull is off, it's him!

      I love it too! Richard II is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, if not my favorite. At any rate, it's one I can see over and over again (unlike, say Hamlet, which makes me crazy). I think Ben Whishaw might be absolutely perfect casting. I can't wait.

      I love that speech at the end when he's in solitary confinement or whatever--I need to look that up!
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