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the island of conclusions

once again, for the third time...

the island of conclusions

bright star

once again, for the third time...

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I've signed up for hc_bingo

therapy stalkers panic attacks side effects restrained
magical trouble dungeons blood loss forced to hurt somebody invisibility
mutation loss of vision WILD CARD minor illness burns
forced soulbonding arrest head trauma nightmares Stockholm syndrome
group support extortion accidents post-traumatic stress disorder lost childhood

I kinda love this card. There's one line in particular that has so many of my favorite things to write about. But maybe I should try to branch out some. I've had this weird desire to write an extortion fic for a while. Anyway, prompts & requests welcome!

  • For some reason when I looked at this card the first square I saw was "bloodloss." Then I immediately thought of Arthur from Merlin, because honestly, how many times has he been bleeding on that show?

    Really, I should do my own prompt card but I have no free time, so here I am instead!!! :-)
    • Ooo! I can see how your mind would go that way ;). Merlin spoils us with its canon h/c!

      The cards aren't due til January -- but I completely understand about having no time.
  • This is a great card! I'm thinking your line is probably going to include PTSD?

    I signed up too, just waiting on my card. :D
    • Hee! You know me too well, lady! The question is: will I do the line with PTSD and minor illness or the line with PTSD and extortion ;). And can I do it to poor Steve again, or should I find another character to torture?

      Can't wait to see your card!
  • \o/
    I love that bingo best:DD
    Not sure what that says about me as a person :D

    Looks like a decent card too.
    • I love this bingo the best too! And I'm sure y'all already know what it says about me ;)

      I feel like this is the best card I've gotten, but I sure it will cause me fits anyway *g*
  • This card looks great! So many interesting themes, some I would not have thought about.
  • lol. think this card was custom designed for you!

    well, except a noticable lack of "fever" or "malaria" :D
    • hee! strangely, they haven't put in malaria as a prompt of its own ;)

      I'm tempted to challenge myself to do the card without doing any fever!fic. Tho' maybe I should do a malaria story just for consistency *g*

      miss you, babe!
      • yeah, seriously - they put forced soulbonding, but not malaria? whats with that??

        and yeah, sorry, RL was nuts for a while, and I was trying to wrap up Free Rangers and my last H50 fic, and so I kinda fell off the planet. I'll drop you an email so we can catch up!

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