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the island of conclusions

Podfic! and Supernatural redux

the island of conclusions

bright star

Podfic! and Supernatural redux

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bright star
electricmonk333 has done an wonderful podfic of “Two Boys from Kansas in King Uther’s Court”, my SPN/Merlin xover, for podficbigbang. At 36k, this is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written, and has more action scenes than the rest of my fics put together, but electricmonk333 has a beautiful voice and does a wonderful job of sustaining the pace of the fic over 3 hrs and 38 minutes (a better job than the pacing of the story actually deserves, tbh).

CLICK HERE to dl and to see the gorgeous cover art by helva2260.

As people always say, it is weird to listen to your own fic read by other people, but even though I sometimes wished I’d taken a red pencil to the fic before it was recorded (too many adverbs and epithets *facepalm*), I still laughed at an embarrassing number of my own jokes. Listening to the fic, which is set in SPN S1 and Merlin S1 (I even had to invent an extra knight for Camelot, as there were no knights in S1—can you believe it?), also reminded me of how much fun it had been to write SPN fic, which I haven’t thought about in a while.


Inspired by that, I, perhaps foolishly, decided my sons were old enough to watch SPN—S1 at least.

Son #2 drifted away, but son #2 and I devoured the pilot and “Wendigo” in one sitting. Omigod the boys were cute in those days, weren’t they?

Unsurprisingly, son #2 was an instant Dean-girl. Here’s how it went.

About ten minutes into the pilot:
Him: I like that one.
Me: Which one?
Him: The one with the jacket.

Twenty minutes into “Wendigo”:
Him: Dean is awesome.

At the end of “Wendigo”:
Him: Who’s the main character of this show?
Me: The two of them—the brothers—Sam and Dean.
Him: I think Dean’s the main character.

And so it begins.


In my own personal Lewis marathon: I have watched “Old Unhappy Far Off Things.” Feel free to share your views on
1) Your favorite lady guest star: Juliet Stevenson? Zoe Telford? Saskia Reeves?
2) Hathaway’s adorable devotion to his guv’nor
3) LFox’s S5 hair or
4) Other
In comments.


I’ve run three times this week, and done two of my three 10k workouts (more on the other blog). Wondering when I’ll get the last one in, though, since the weather is supposed to be between 100-104F tomorrow through Tues. With a low of 75. Which means that if I run at 7am, it’ll already be 80. *wipes away anticipatory sweat*


In conclusion: Why can’t I go see Magic Mike the minute it opens, people, why? I will be kid-free on Tues., though, and that is the first thing I’m gonna do, I tell you what. I need that movie like whoa.
  • It was easy to be a Dean-fan back in those days, I think. Even I was surprised when I heard that Sam was the lead although it makes sense since the story was built around him. Still, Dean was the 'good' guy and let's face it, who wouldn't want a big brother as devoted as that?

    Also, you're too kind with your praise regarding the podfic. There are parts I would have re-recorded given time, especially the one where I apparently forgot to check whether my external mic was even on! Anyway, it's the story ultimately that makes a podfic worth listening to, I think. Yours was so much fun to read and parts of it were so funny that I kept having to re-read after stifling the giggling. *g*

    • I thought you did an amazing job! I can't believe it was the first time you'd done it. I keep wanting to record some of my fic--but the technology puts me off. Thank you so much for doing it--it must've been a huge project.

      There are all kinds of things I would edit in that story, but I was surprised by how much affection I still had for it. (also glad that Merlin S4 vindicated the characterization of Arthur I had in it!).

      I haven't watched those first two episodes for a long time, and you can kind of see the moment when the script/storytelling sort of shifts to give Dean equal standing--and then JA just runs with it. (it might be the loving, worried look Dean gives Sam at the beginning of Wendigo when Sam wakes up from his nightmare in the car, and then Dean offers to let him drive--certainly by that first, iconic, hunting things, saving people speech). Of course, what my son loved was just him being all brave and cocky :)

      Edited at 2012-06-28 03:50 pm (UTC)
  • See I thought the show was about Dean, and then we started watching (season four) and I was oh, I really like Sam. I love them both, but if you have to ask who all of us in the fam really really love, it's Dean. Spouse still Cas fanboy.
    • I, too, have the most intense attachment to Dean--so maybe it's genetic with my son *g* But I love them all--and I'd forgotten how loveable skinny!messy!Sam was in S1.
  • I *loved* that story. I remember pimping it on my LJ - I'll definitely seek out the podfic. Have some long journeys ahead of me next month, so that will be just the ticket.

    And Dean girl that I am, may I extend a hearty welcome to your lad there..
    • Hee! Maybe being a Dean girl is a genetic thing-- since I'm unabashedly one myself :)</p>

      Thanks for your kind words about fic--I have a soft spot for it myself. I love listening to things on long journeys--I listened to most of the Hunger Games trilogy on my recent trip to CO.

  • I've got to read that story! Just opened it up in another tab. I've only got through the beginning of S3 in SPN. I'm definitely a Dean girl, LOL. I wonder if my son would like it.

    I feel exactly the same way about Magic Mike. I was trying to figure out when I could possibly see it. Answer: I don't know. :( I read a good review of it last night.

    Good for you on the running. I'm really out of shape right now - boo.
    • I hope you enjoy the story! It's very gen--and very S1 Merlin-- which is almost hard to remember now.

      If my son is any evidence, being a Dean girl may be genetic. This is the son who likes Steve McGArrett and Ethan Hunt--not the one who likes Doctor Who and Sherlock. So, your son might like SPN--the first two episodes are a little scary though, I think.

      MM has been scoring well on Rotten Tomatoes so far. I think the universe owes us Channing Tatum stripping, for all our domestic labor!

      The running is very much fueled by rage--and may be derailed by heat...
      • Oh, S1 Merlin lives on in fan fic. I recently wrote a little OT4 thing - strictly S1! And you rarely see evil Morgana in fic. Although I shouldn't say that, because I only read a small portion of the fic out there, so what do I know.

        Previously I thought SPN might be too scary for him.

        I don't know how you find time to do all the things you do.
        • It's true! As does S1 SPN. I just rarely read in those fandoms anymore (truth be told, I've never read much Merlin fic, despite loving the show--I'm not sure why that is).

          I have also thought SPN too scary, but the boys seemed okay with it at this point. I've also thought--and I'm not sure how to put this--that the show's attitude towards women and sex and violence is too...crude? callous? not something I'd like my children imbibing? Something I feel far less comfortable about than the violence on H50? This is more true of the later seasons, though, post S5 (and YMMV, of course).

          Also, I think my kids would only enjoy the stand-alone monster episodes--I'm sure my son would have no interest at all in something like "Faith." Nor do I feel great about having him watch the family-on-family violence of something like "Devil's Trap," even though I think that may be the best episode the show ever did.

          //overly long answer. I stopped watching myself mid-S6, so I could be wrong.

          and lol, I hardly manage to do anything, these days! I haven't posted fic for over a month!
          • Well, SPN can be pretty intense. There are some fairly mature themes. I agree, my son might enjoy the more "monster of the week" type episodes. He does seem to like pretty intense stuff like The Hunger Games, but that's a book not a TV show. (haven't read it myself) But, hmm, I don't know, it just seems too mature overall, thinking about it.

            Last week he marathoned Primeval nonstop for a few days. Are you familiar with that show? He fell in love with it. It's sort of like Torchwood but with dinosaurs instead of aliens and no underground base.

            There are lots of shows I love that I have no desire to read fic for, e.g. Fringe or Lewis. I do enjoy the random SPN fic and could imagine really getting into it, but I'm so behind, I can't read most of it. I haven't even gotten to Castiel. However, being that behind has its advantages. After watching the episode where Dean goes into an alternate reality, where they weren't hunters, he and Sam weren't close, his mom was alive, I had a craving for fic and I easily found a great episode tag fic that perfectly met my needs.

            Hey lady, you work a full-time job, single parent two children and still manage to exercise, read books and do your own (amazing) writing! That's pretty impressive. I can barely motivate myself to do the minimum and I don't have a paying job. *weeps* I think I have some kind of problem.

            /long comment is long
            • My older son--almost 11--loved the Hunger Games--read all the books and saw the movie. He even convinced me to read (actually listen) them. And they are very intense--and pretty realistic about things like prostitution, torture and PTSD, especially the second 2. I felt a little bad about letting him read them once I'd read them myself--but all the parents I know of 5th graders have had the same experience. And I guess if he is going to read such stuff, I'd rather it was relatively realistic about violence, war, poverty, etc. (Collins soft-pedals the sex, though, for which I was grateful).

              We'll have to try Primeval--that sounds awesome.

              SPN was the first fandom I toppled into--and I couldn't believe the quality of some of the fic--there is fabulous stuff--though the fandom itself has gotten increasingly tricky and toxic, as far as I can tell.

              You shouldn't weep and you don't have a problem! Most of the problems in my life probably stem from thinking I can do more/ trying to do more than I can handle. It all boils down to the same thing in the end!
  • Dean-girls and -boys unite!
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