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the island of conclusions

Sam and Dean and Merlin and Arthur (not fic, not meta, just musing)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Sam and Dean and Merlin and Arthur (not fic, not meta, just musing)

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bright star
Through the wonders of the internet, I actually watched both SPN 5.02 and Merlin 2.01 this weekend, and since, as you know, I’ve been trying to think about all four boys together, it occurred to me that there were a couple of things they could learn from each other.

And yes, there were other things I should have been doing!

(Mild spoilers for Merlin 2.01, nothing for SPN 5.02)

The Joy of Sleeping Bare-Chested: Arthur seems to have mysteriously lost all his nightshirts this season. Or he’s come to wise decision about sleepwear that he could share with Sam and Dean, who persist in their weird preference for wearing as many layers to bed as they do to fight demons (and often enough their shoes as well). They could learn something from Arthur about how much more comfortable it is to sleep without a shirt.

Granted, Arthur does have that big four-poster, with lots of lovely pillows and quilts, and a servant at the ready should he feel cold (*cough*), and granted, even he would probably consider keeping his shirt on, not to mention his sword under his pillow, if he had to bed down in some of the skankier motels the Winchesters put up with. But still. Just saying. It would make a nice change.

The Joy of Eating: Conversely, I wish Sam and Dean would take Merlin with them on some of their fast food and diner runs. ‘Cause the boy could do with a fry-up. Or a burger. Or a donut, at least. The sunken cheeks are getting kind of distracting.

Dean never let Sam waste away like that, even in his gawkier and mopier phases. And look at Sam now. I’d appreciate it if Dean had a talk with Arthur about the care and feeding of…well, of whatever they are to each other these days.


I liked Merlin 2.01. And I don’t have much to say about it. If I were able to write more serious fic and/or meta about it (not that I think the show can really bear a lot of meta), I would talk about the way the episode emphasized the power issues between Merlin and Arthur, both playfully/ kinkily (at least that’s how I’m gonna take Arthur stepping on Merlin’s back to get onto his horse—hope that was fun for both of them!), and seriously: the stress it puts on Merlin to deal with his subordination to Arthur, when he’s really at least as powerful. How long will he put up with it? What kind of toll is it taking on him? What kind of measure is it of his love?

Otherwise, it was just good to see the sword-twirling back, and the dragon!

  • (no subject) - a_starfish
    • I hope Sam and Dean learn that lesson sharpish! Me too!

      I think the skinniness is more pronounced, but it could just be his natural state...*tries not to worry about it and just enjoy the silly show*
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