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the island of conclusions

the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

the island of conclusions

bright star

the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

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bright star
was yesterday...

But we are observing Veteran's Day today here in the US.

Like last year, here's picture of new memorial to Wilfrid Owens: the old farm house where he spent the night before he died in the battle of the Sambre-Oise Canal, Nov.4, 1918, one of the last actions of the war, has been transformed into a memorial to his poetry:

article here

And two 2012 poems by Kevin Powers:

"Death, Mother and Child" and "After Leaving Maguire Veteran's Hospital for the Last Time"
  • both poems are chilling -
    and beautiful,
    thanks so much for sharing.
    • You're welcome--glad you enjoyed them! (I recommend Powers's novel, too)

      I think last year I posted an Owens poem, but I was happy to find poetry/writers coming out of our most recent war too (well, not happy exactly, but you know what I mean).
      • I do know what you mean.
        I'm in awe of soldiers who can find the words...
        God bless them.
        • Exactly. In awe, and so grateful to them for trying to communicate the experience for those of us who haven't been there.
  • That's just a gorgeous installation. Is it your photo? Did you get to see it personally? Because I can only imagine what it'd be like to stand in the centre of those inscribed and projected words.
    • No, not my photo (it's part of the linked article) and I've never been there. I would really like to visit the battlefields in Northern France someday, though, morbid as that seems--and I'm impressed they've made such a beautiful site out of what was such a tragic event.
      • I've seen photographs of the poppy fields in bloom - I think that's something that would be incredible to see.
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