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the island of conclusions

Whishaviana II

the island of conclusions

bright star

Whishaviana II

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Freddy Lix
So I had my first free afternoon in about a month yesterday, and I went to see Cloud Atlas because

a.I have a weird completion compulsion about seeing the movies of books even when I didn’t much like the book.
b.I really, really needed to spend 2-3 hours by myself in a place no one could reach me.
c.Ben Whishaw’s hair.

And I’ll tell you what, I actually liked the movie better than the book.

This was a case in which a judicious paring down of excess narrative detail, the intensification of the romantic elements, and the introduction of translucently beautiful actors like Doona Bae and Jim Sturgess, and yes, BW, actually works in the movie’s favor. Also Jim Broadbent. Jim Broadbent makes everything better, it’s a scientific fact.

BW is wonderful too. He has the best hair ever as Robert Frobisher. This was my favorite plotline in the book, and it is in the movie, too—one of the segments directed by Tommy Tykwer, not the Wachowskis, who tend to Matrix everything up. The movie beefs up the Sixsmith/Frobisher romance from the book, and it’s haunting in a way the book wasn’t, to me anyway.


So I recommend it, though I’m not sure how much sense it would make without having read the book.

Speaking of Ben Whishaw’s hair: he shows up in The Hour 2x01 in a beard. And Damien West greets him by stroking it and calling him Sigmund Freud.

cap and gif not mine, made by the geniuses on tumblr

  • This is funny, because we are going to see this movie tonight! It is almost out of theatres here already - I can't believe it.
    • yay! I hope you enjoy it! I thought they kept a lot of the best stuff from the book. Let me know what you think!

      (it's almost out of theaters here too--I had to drive half and hour to the mall to catch it)
      • I thought it was interesting, but flawed. Loved the casting. Liked all the pretty. Liked some of the juxtapositions which brought out the parallels between the stories/characters/situations. I missed the sense of it being a story inside of a story inside of a story etc etc though! I missed the emphasis on texts and readers and the way picking up a book or a bundle of letters could change the course of your life. I'd be curious to see what it would be like to watch it re-edited into chronological order.

        Also, too many explodey crashes and chase scenes. I hate chase scenes. And the post-apocalypse story, UGH, that really did not translate to screen well for me. I fell asleep at one point!

        I did not fall asleep when Mr. Whishaw was onscreen. I'm a little bit in love now and even considering seeing the Bond movie for him, though I probably won't, because EXPLOSIONS AND CHASE SCENES.
        • That's true about the texts/books/letters--I hadn't thought about that. It's a really nice part of the book.

          I kinda like chase scenes, if not explosions, so I thought they were a welcome addition to the Somni section, but I know what you mean--it was a little unnecessarily Matrix-y. (I love the car chase at the end of the Timothy Cavendish scene in both book and movie, so I'm glad they kept that) I liked the post-apocalypse and Luisa Rey sections least in the book, so I guess I didn't feel disappointed when they didn't come out that well on screen.

          I really don't know how much sense it would have made if you hadn't read the book.

          Ha! Sorry you've fallen under the spell of Ben Whishaw. Okay--not sorry at all ;) He's so wonderful in Cloud Atlas--perfect casting!

          There's plenty you can watch without resorting to Skyfall (though Skyfall is pretty great). Have you see The Hour? He's awesome in that. The second season is airing right now. Or Bright Star? That's probably his best role. The Brideshead reboot is pretty awful--but he's good. He's so not my type, but he's kind of fabulously sexy and charismatic with everyone.
          • I thought the movie was a worthwhile addendum to the book, I guess, even if it maybe simplified it a bit. I haven't read it in over six years, which was, like...a bunch of major life events ago, so now I want to pick it up and thumb through it again.

            I do not know of Bright Star! I'll look it up. I watched only one episode of The Hour and wasn't crazy about it, but I'll try to give it another shot - I think I still have it saved someplace. I love his skinny NECK. He is almost ridiculously my type, though. :)
            • oh Bright Star is sooo good (it's where my default icon is from). You just can't believe someone can make the role of "doomed genius poet" so down to earth and believable--but he does. It made me fall in love with Keats like I was when I was 16. He's gorgeous with Abbie Cornish--as he is with Romola Garai and Anna Chancellor in The Hour--he's just great paired with voluptuous women. Plus, Jane Campion makes everything about it beautiful.

              ha! i just made myself want to watch it again :)
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