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the island of conclusions

Happy Hanukah! And a SH/H50 fic

the island of conclusions

bright star

Happy Hanukah! And a SH/H50 fic

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sepia H/W
Happy Hanukah, everyone!

The latkes this year were crispy on the outside and cooked on the inside. That doesn't happen every year. Hopefully it was a portent.

Also, there was the Once-a-Year Kugel:

I am trying again to post fics for each night of Hanukah. Tonight, the second chapter of a fic I started last year for Hanukah. I'm somewhat startled that I've finished it. It is now the second longest thing I've ever written.

The Adventure of the Tattooed Fighter

H50/SH xover sent in late nineteenth-century London. Pretty much PG-13, but with establish H/W.

Hope everyone's had a festive Saturday of one sort or another!
  • Oh wow, I didn't think you planned to finish the crossover fic. I'm very excited to read the second part! Will do tomorrow. :)
    • oh, bb, I always planned to finish it! It was just...and then...Ugh--I'm so sorry it's taken me so long!

      I hope you enjoy it--I don't think this half is as good--but I had to post it before I ended up obsessing over every word and semi-colon and never posting it at all.

      It has a lot of messed up and then badass Steve, tho' :)
      • No, don't apologize! I know it hit a bit close to home because of Alex. I just wasn't sure if you would feel comfortable finishing it, and I would've understood if you didn't. But I am very happy that you did! I'm going to reread the whole thing tomorrow. :)

        Messed up and badass Steve is my favorite. <3

        Also, I saw Anna Karenina today and it renewed my love for Jude Law in period costume, so this is perfect timing.
        • oh gosh--I had half-forgotten about that--though that was one reason I didn't finish it last spring. I must've worked through my feelings about Alex by writing tons of fucked-up!Steve fic in the interim. I think I had plans, at one point, to draw out that aspect of the plot more, but I kind of skim over it in the end...

          Anyway, thanks for your patience!

          Ooo--I have to see that--JL in 19thC Russia--yum!
  • Ohhh, that kugel looks YUMMY. :D Happy Hanukkah!

    My Saturday was very festive due to commencement. \o/
    • oh my goodness, congratulations!!! *twirls you* I hope there were many celebrations!

      Kugel was/is yummy--packed to the gills in carbs and cholesterol. But hey, once a year!
  • A story a day is a wonderful tradition. Thank you for making the effort so we can have more of your wonderful stories to enjoy.

    Your SH/H50 one was a great adventure. I could easily imagine it in one of the Victorian-era serials. Only with much more acceptable language, of course. ;-> My only complaint is that it wasn't longer, because it was so much fun.
    • Aw thanks! Hopefully I'll get farther with it this year than last :). My intentions are always good!</p>

      Glad you enjoyed the fic--this is indeed the one we talked about so long ago. I can actually see how it could've been much longer-- but even this long just about broke my brain!

  • Happy Hanukah!
  • Happy Hanukah !
    Sounds like you had a delicious celebration.
    Yeah for fic to come-seems like lots of peeps are getting
    back to writing which means good times for all!
    • Thank you!

      It was delicious, in the way that only lots of fat and carbs can be ;)

      I'm hoping to get some fic out there at the end of what has not been a particularly productive year...cross your fingers!
  • I can't wait to read this. It sounds great. Yay for well-cooked latkes! We're going to a Hanukkah party next weekend, but as I'm dieting, I'll probably just have one and not make any at home either. Is that a regular noodle kugel?
    • I'm glad I finished it--one year later! Writing stories that long makes my head kind of explode--but I did have fun fitting the H50 characters into 19thC London.

      The unfortunate secret to good latkes is having enough hot oil to fry them in properly--almost deep frying. I often resist doing this, and they come out terrible. The kugel is a regular, cheese-laden kugel. Would that I had an old family recipe--but it's straight out of the Joy of Cooking. Tasty though!

      Hope you have a fun Hanukah party--you are awesome for sticking with the dieting!
  • Oh, I have to tell you that I wrote a SH/Torchwood crossover where Holmes and Watson watch Jack Harkness in a boxing match. :D
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