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the island of conclusions

Yuletide reveals and a rec

the island of conclusions

bright star

Yuletide reveals and a rec

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bright star
Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm back in the land of the speaking and readjusting to my life among the small rambunctious creatures, who are...not that small anymore. I'm trying to put together a post about the silent retreat, which was both very good and very interesting.

In the meantime, here are the stories I wrote for Yuletide this year, with a little bit of DVD commentary. First, though, a huge thank you to [profile] garry_owen for beta'ing two of these at the eleventh hour!

(I had a crappy week the week before Christmas, and I drowned some of my anxiety in fic writing. I think the stories may have been more therapeutic for me than enjoyable for readers. Hopefully 2013 will be better).

L'Dor Vador (3729 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homeland
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Saul Berenson, Carrie Mathison

The first time Saul met Carrie Mathison, she was telling someone in authority he was wrong. And if he had a nickel for every time that had happened since, he’d be a rich man now.

This was my assignment, and thus the second year in a row I wrote Homeland for Yuletide. Interestingly, there were a lot more requests for the show this year, but just about the same amount of stories in the final tally. I started out thinking I'd write something that would take in most of S2, but in the end I stuck very closely to the recipient's request, which was for Carrie-Saul back story, particularly for that moment in the S1 finale when she says, "Remember when I used to call you Mr. Berenson?" It turned out to be a very good prompt!

I don't like this story as much as the story I wrote last year, maybe because I don't have quite same intensity of feeling about the show. Still, I was glad to incorporate my favorite thing about Homeland: that it not only has characters who adhere to religions which are not Christianity, but it also shows them practicing their religions. You wouldn't believe how incredibly rare that is on US (and British) TV. The last couple of episodes of S2 featured Islamic daily prayer, a Muslim funeral service, and a character saying Kaddish out loud. I didn't get as much of that into my story as I did last year, but I was still happy for the context.

Bryn Myrddin (1708 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Camelot (TV), Arthurian Mythology
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Merlin (Camelot), Vivien

“I think it is you who is the sorcerer,” said Merlin. “Would you seduce me, Vivien?”

This was my first pinch hit, which I pick up in a late round, so it was due 12/22. I was psyched to see that someone enjoyed this terrible STARZ show as much as I did! The recipient wanted Merlin, and an exploration of more of the canonical Arthurian stories in the context of the show's universe, so I tried a take on the Merlin/Vivien legend, oriented less towards seduction. I adored the Vivien in this show, and she never got enough character development. So it was fun to write, though I expect it would've been better (or at least longer) with more time.

Pirates! In a Search for the Source! (1273 words) by ariadnes_string
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! (2012)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Pirate Captain, Pirate with a Scarf

“Captain,” said the Pirate with the Scarf, “you do realize that the Source of the Nile, wherever it might be, is most certainly inland. What I mean to say is: you can’t get there in a boat.”

This was my second pinch hit; I picked it up on the morning of the 24th and it may have been the last pinch hit to go out before the main collection opened. I wrote it between 10pm and 12am on Christmas Eve. Which is kind of sad, because when I signed up for Yuletide, this is the story I really wanted to write (you'll understand if you read it--it has all my favorite wacky things abut nineteenth-century explorers mixed up with the Pirates characters). So I wasn't really starting from scratch--I was hoping to write it as a treat for someone anyway. I wish I'd had more time to make it longer and more polished, but I was glad the recipient got some kind of gift they were hoping for when the archive opened.

Because I was away and internet-free most of last week, I haven't read all that much in the archive--but here's a story I loved that I haven't seen on any of the rec lists. I know a bunch of you loved Cloud Atlas as a book or a movie, and if you've been craving more Frobisher/Sixsmith, this will hit the sweet spot--so lyrical, so true to the characters and the era.

Grace Notes (1638 words) by just_ann_now
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Robert Frobisher/Rufus Sixsmith
Characters: Robert Frobisher, Rufus Sixsmith, Original Male Character

Thirty years after Frobisher’s death, Sixsmith finally has the opportunity to talk about him to someone who truly understands.

Okay--more on other things later!
  • (no subject) -
    • It was good! I am going to try and post about it, but the short answer is: the ashram was a little wacky and annoying (but what do you expect from an ashram, I guess?), but being silent for that long was awesome.

      I think the main thing was, having that long without distractions or responsibilities, you have time to really observe what comes up, without feeling you have to shut stuff down because otherwise you won't be able to deal with the rest of your day. Do you know what I mean?

      Anyway, I don't know how long it will last, but I came back feeling kind of scrubbed, like the psychic detritus had been scraped off, and with a lot of good feelings towards the world.

      Also, the meditation was wonderful, and I really think I should start my own practice.

      Vague, eh? I will try to post something more articulate.
  • Awesome! I'm glad that you continue to dabble in many fandoms!

    I posted some audiobook recs here: http://twasadark.livejournal.com/224020.html :-).
    • Oh cool! Thank you for linking me to your audiobooks post! I must've still been offline when you posted. The books sound wonderful--and I'm always so glad to hear whether they're read well or not--it makes a difference!</p>

      I'm going to try and do a books post soon too.

      Happy new year! I am also trying to go into 2013 with a lot of positivity!

      • No problem! Believe me, I know how it goes. Life is too busy sometimes!

        Let me know if you want the mp3s of any of the books I listed there - I think I have all of them. I like to listen on my mp3 player when walking the dog, doing boring housework, etc.

        Yay for positivity! We can all use more of that, for sure.
        • I do the same thing! Listen while walking the dog and driving and running. Do you really have shareable mp3s? I'd love to listen to the one about the phone hacker that you said had a really good reader-thanks!
          • Sure, I'd be happy to give you those! Let's see, what's the best way? Do you have a Skype account? I could send them that way, perhaps? Unless you know a good file sharing site that you use.
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