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the island of conclusions

5.04 (the usual belated reaction post)

the island of conclusions

bright star

5.04 (the usual belated reaction post)

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bright star

So when Lucifer-in-Sam looked at Dean and said “and then he created you" it seemed so personal that all I could think of was that icon you see around LJ that says “On the Eighth Day, God created Jensen Ackles. And then he said: Top that!”

Because, seriously: two Deans? I wasn’t able to resist watching the last 20 minutes of the episode on Thursday night, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch the whole thing until Sat. night, and I’m pretty glad I watched the end (at least) twice, because most of the first time through I was thinking: “wow, look how pretty Jensen’s face is from that angle?” and “oh wait, it looks even better from that angle,” and so on…

As has been said many times before, one thing JA is particularly good at is listening, and here we got to see him listening to himself. And running. I could watch a lot of footage of him running.


This is a bunch of pretty random comments. I haven’t looked at too many reaction posts, so forgive me if I’m repeating what a million other people have said.

*I know it’s just been a series of throw-away lines, but I am enjoying Dean defending his right to enjoy his own bodily functions this season: eating, sleeping, pooping. It makes a change from the disassociative state he was in for a lot of S4—troubled sleep, hardly even wanting to eat, sometimes…Maybe it’s because he knows that someone else wants his body (and not in a good way), but it does seem to signal a return to health/energy/ self-possession. Now, if he could only stop sleeping fully clothed….

*Even in a show with a pretty high quotient of sad conversations, I thought the phone conversation between Dean and Sam at the beginning was pretty damn sad. The moment when Sam said he wanted Dean to feel “panicked, maybe?” about him being Lucifer’s vessel, you know he meant “panicked about something bad happening to me, aren’t you going to rush right out and try to protect me???” And to hear Dean tell him no, no he wasn’t, wasn’t shocking exactly (except maybe to Sam), because we know from 5.02 that Dean had already made that decision—but it was sad. And it clearly made Dean sad too…..It was a dynamic you thought you’d never see: Dean telling Sam to stay away.

(and it sure didn’t last long: I don’t know how I feel about Dean changing his mind at the end…I’d like to think that he isn’t rushing right back into being protective—or at least he now sees the protection as being necessarily mutual….but I don’t know…I was enjoying separated!boys, though I understand that they need to get back together…).

*Like everyone else, I found future!Dean hot like burning (thigh holster FTW), and enjoyed the wonder of two Deans together. I loved that both Deans were bolshie even (especially?) with each other. JA did a beautiful job of differentiating them without being OTT.

I thought it was interesting that future!Dean has become a leader of men, since, for all he’s always been a hero, leading groups is not something we’ve seen that much of from him (maybe in “Jus in Bello”? or more recently in 5.02?). [info - personal] yourlibrarian was saying that this evolution is in keeping with his move this season to being the Winchester most concerned with the general good, and I agree. I just guess that the fanfic I would like to see now would be about the moment when Dean decided to shoulder the leadership of the group of survivors….

*I quite liked the Lucifer-in-Sam-present!Dean conversation, despite the little brain hiccup mentioned above. JP did a fine job with was an inherently campy/ridiculous situation (and suit). I particularly liked the moment when Dean called him a belly-crawling fugly—can we see Lucifer turn into a serpent sometime please?

I also thought it was interesting how ready Dean was to kill Lucifer-in-Sam. I guess we were supposed to think that he was going to kill Lucifer before he ever got (in)to Sam, but it was quite striking to see Dean threaten Sam’s body like that: quite different than the way he is with Meg-in-Sam in BUaBS for instance…

*Which brings me to the fact that in the final scene, when Dean pulled the knife, I almost thought he was going to kill Sam after all. I mean, of course I didn’t really think that, but since he’d said he was gong to do what he should have done in the first place, and he’d already said no about Michael….I just fell right into that little set-up.

The final scene looked beautiful, and it did what it was supposed to do, but after the fierceness of everything that had gone before….I don’t know.

Oh, and Misha was great—I don’t have anything more to say about that, except that the little look o’love he gave Dean when he said “we had an appointment” was just adorable.

But basically, I thought the episode did a great job of delivering a compelling story that looked really, really good (and not just because of the two Deans).

  • “wow, look how pretty Jensen’s face is from that angle?” and “oh wait, it looks even better from that angle,” and so on…

    Ha! Perfect description, especially of that scene in the cabin. That was very nice, indeed. :) And I love his funny, bow-leggedy run. Jesus, this man has given me such a thing for bowlegs that I can spot them a mile off at this point...

    I don’t know how I feel about Dean changing his mind at the end…

    Me neither, honestly. I know fandom is busy popping the champagne but I'd like to think it' s going to be a little more complicated than that, because it's not as if Dean was wrong. And the thing that prompted his return to the fold was finding out that Sam gave in to Lucifer...not all that auspicious as motivations go...
    • And the thing that prompted his return to the fold was finding out that Sam gave in to Lucifer...not all that auspicious as motivations go...

      Yeah--good point. You know, usually I can fanwank my way into thinking I understand Dean's motivations, but this time...I mean, he did seem to miss Sam a lot at the beginning, but the coming back together did seem more motivated less by epic love and more by the cold logic of: "if we split, you'll say yes to Lucifer, so if we're together..."...well, what? Dean will keep an eye on Sam? Dean's love will stop Sam from giving in?

      I didn't quite get it...but maybe it will play out in interesting ways...

      Though I'm sad to see solo!Dean go--I kinda love him...
  • I also thought it was interesting how ready Dean was to kill Lucifer-in-Sam.

    My understanding is that anyone who functions as a vessel to an angel as powerful as Lucifer (or Michael) becomese literally that -- an empty vessel. Or actually something worse -- a vessel with some brain-fried scrap of the original person trapped inside, basically a vegetable. The guy who only briefly played host to Raphael was catatonic and drooling there in the hospital and Castiel said that being Michael's vessel would actually be much worse. So Dean would have known there was really nothing there of Sam that he was killing, and if anything, he was doing Sam a favor.

    Now, if he could only stop sleeping fully clothed…

    Hello??? YES. He wasn't just sleeping clothed he still had his jacket on!! I know the guy's exhausted but come on Dean, TAKE OFF YOUR JACKET. Can't complain too much though because y'know THIGH HOLSTER and all that.

    • No--you're absolutely right--when/if Sam lets Lucifer in, there won't be anything left of Sam (which is kind of interesting and terrifying in itself). So I guess it is fundamentally a different situation than the demon possessions in DT and BUaBS when Dean is so opposed to killing (his father's, his brother's) bodies to get rid of the demons--'cause the people involved do survive those possessions...

      Still, it packed a kind of visual punch...

      No--the THIGH HOLSTER has just made us greedy for more! Either more nekkidness, or more semi-kinky "equipment."
      • I've always had a bad thing for shoulder holsters too, but only if they're worn under a suit with a nice white dress shirt and then he takes the suit jacket off and you've got that really hot harness going across the back and maybe he rolls up his sleeves and have you ever watched a guy put on or take off a shoulder holster because trust me there's almost a little element of bondage gear to it not that I'm into that but it looks really hot. Yessssssss.
        • phew *fans self* I didn't think I had a thing for shoulder holsters, but I DO NOW. Are you maybe writing us some future!Dean fic with much strapping and unstrapping of straps? Gen, het, slash, I don't care, even just Dean, alone, putting on or taking off equipment...*puppy dog eyes*
          • ROFL I'll call it Full Metal Hotness and it'll just be future!Dean suiting up for an ordinary day in the hot-hot-hot post-apocalyptic hotness of hottitude, no plot, no characters, no dialogue, no nothing just Dean strapping on thigh holsters, shoulder holsters, great big pancho villa-style shotgun shell bandoliers you name it.

            *drops dead*
            • And then at the end of the day, he comes back, and does the whole thing, silently, in reverse. And gets into bed without his jacket (or really, anything at all, except the odd weapon or two).

              Okay--I am laughing, but I also WANT TO READ THIS. Get writing!
              • And then at the end of the day, he comes back, and does the whole thing, silently, in reverse.

                JESUS CHRIST how hot would that be? Like a sort of...ordnance striptease! !!!!!!!!!!!SANGRE DE CRISTO!!!!!!!!!

                Can't write...dead...
                • Can't write...dead...

                  *brings you back like Lucifer is gonna do to Sam, points at keyboard*

                  not to be demanding or anything *g*
                  • I'm percolating something and it's not exactly ordnance striptease but now I know I'll have to find a way to work THIGH HOLSTER into it.
                    • THIGH HOLSTER + your fic-writing = pure win

                      (seriously, any new spn fic from you, with or without a cameo by THIGH HOLSTER is something to look forward to)

                      *settles down to wait with a happy smile*
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