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the island of conclusions

Save the Date: Running Hot III: Hotter than Ever

the island of conclusions

bright star

Save the Date: Running Hot III: Hotter than Ever

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bright star
I think, I'm almost definitely sure, that I'm going to run "Running Hot III" (the fever!fic prompt fest I've done the past two years) later this month.

I'm not sure how many people are still posting/reading on LJ/DW, but, it's been fun the past two times, and even if there's smaller participation, we can still have fun, yeah? This year, though, I will definitely put up posts on both LJ and DW, so people can prompt/post either place. We also, as of last year, have an AO3 collection, so posting is possible there, too.

So: WATCH THIS SPACE around MAY 22-23!! (I want to wait until after Star Trek: Into Darkness comes out, so that there's at least one giant new exciting fan-event to write about).

Here are the masterlists from the past two years, in case you want to refresh your memory as to what it's all about: 2010, 2012.

Also: I was so excited that I completed the hc_bingo April challenge, that I signed up for the May challenge: which is to write a story for a tiny/Yuletide-sied fandom for one of the following prompts. Now, you might say the bigger challenge for me would be to write fic for a fandom that wasn't tiny, and you'd be right, but still, I couldn't resist.

pandemics and epidemics suicide attempt
loss of voice disappearing

Y'all know what tiny fandoms I like and what prompt I'm particularly tempted by here--any ideas?
  • Ooh, Running Hot! Yes, please!

    Is The Killing a yt-sized fandom? I feel like it must be. Linden's finally going to get on a plane, for real this time. Except Seattle's under quarantine.
    • Yay! It's going to be awesome!

      The Killing is most definitely a Yuletide-sied fandom (in fact, someone wrote me a great Killing fic for Yuletide this year). That is a pretty awesome prompt--I will have to ponder that! (or you should save it for "Hotter than Ever."
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