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the island of conclusions

AO3 meme

the island of conclusions

bright star

AO3 meme

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Second day home with a sick child (third day total this week). Must be time for this meme!

Sometimes this meme depresses me, because none of my fics has ever broken the five figure mark for hits, but since so few of the things I've written lately have even broken through to three figures, let alone four, I'm nostalgic for the times when I wrote more popular stuff.

I'm doing the version where you post lists of both hits and kudos because the difference between the two lists cracks me up.


1. I get by with...: (Sherlock, Lestrade and sick!John; gen h/c): 7816
2. Your Voice Along My Spine (Benedict-Martin rpf, voice!kink): 6801
3. Catching Waves on Dry Land (Steve/Danny gun!kink): 6435
4. Nothing Between Us and the New World (Holmes/Watson) : 6427
5. Like Death and Taxes (Steve/Danny nc-17): 5790
6. The Khyber Knife (John/Sherlock, knife!kink): 5603
7. Something for the Weekend (Benedict/Martin UST, shaving!kink): 5251
8. And the heat goes on…(where the hand has been) (John/Sherlock): 4754
9. A Graceful Retreat (Benedict-Martin, h/c): 4680
10. You give me... (John-Sherlock h/c): 4656


1. Three Continents Watson (John/Lestrade): 249
2. I get by with...: 235
3. Pelekane: Or The English Visitor (H50/Sherlock xover): 189
4. The Khyber Knife (John/Sherlock knife!kink): 148
5. Dancing on the Legs of a Newborn Pony (Harvey/Mike): 136
6. The Sleepover (Benedict-Martin): 118
7. As Holy Palmers Kiss (Lewis/Hathaway): 114
8. A Catch (Sherlock/White Collar xover): 111
9. Four Times Sherlock and Lestrade Danced Together Without Touching (and one time they did) (Sherlock/Lestrade; Jewish!Lestrade): 111
10. A Very Delicate Mission (The Unreal City Remix) (John/Sherlock, Sherlock/OMC): 108.

And the (navel-gazing) takeaway from this?

*Don't get me wrong, I like "I get by with," it's just what I mostly remember about it is dashing it off, then posting it unbeta'd at about 5am one day before leaving for vacation. It languished for a long time, then someone rec'd it or something and lots of people started reading it. Which is a good thing about AO3, I guess.

*People, myself included, come to AO3 to read rpf and the heavier kind of kink (gun, knife and wax play all feature in fics)--both of which are harder to find on lj/dw, maybe. (I don't post rpf to my journals).

*Only two stories make both lists--is this unusual?

*This seems like and important lesson for me: my top 3 kudos-getters are all, to some degree, funny stories. I myself like my writing better when I can work in some laughs, but I often kind of fall into more angsty stuff, which I don't think is as successful/enjoyable. Note to self: be funny.

*I'm glad there's a Lewis fic in that second list, and something I finished recently (the Jewish!Lestrade pice)--not sure why the only Suits fic I've ever written or am likely to write is up there, but not complaining.
  • Whoa! Those are healthy counts! I am definitely writing in the wrong fandoms. I have one story on ff net--a WIP novel that I really wish I were collecting royalties on because the page click counts are so high--it would be a nearly a bestseller in the real world. Nothing else comes close to that one for me. My absolute highest counts for stories on AO3 are much, much lower than yours.
    • It's entirely fandom specific, isn't it? These are high hit counts for me, too, especially in comparison to most of what I've been writing recently in tiny fandoms--though they're quite low compared to lots of Sherlock fic.

      What fandom is your WIP novel in?
      • Tolkien--Lord of the Rings--one of very few I have written based in LotR. I write a lot of fic and non-fiction based on Tolkien's Silmarillion. And then a lot of rare lit. fics of all sorts. Recently I have been diddling around with historical fiction just a little.

        Speaking of historical fiction, do you know of any George Mallory slash? I found one on AO3. Finding it hard to believe there are not more.
        • Interesting! I've never read any Tolkien fic at all--

          Well, according to the Wade Davis book, the Strachey brothers were writing their very own Mallory slash avant la lettre. *g* I haven't read the one on AO3--is it good? But yeah, I'm surprised there isn't more--I'm thinking of requesting it for Yuletide next year.

          (of course, if this film with Tom Hardy is ever made, we'll be in for a mountain of it, so to speak)
          • I just read the beginning pages of the Wade Davis book and hope to pick up a copy soon--I cannot wait to read it. I am happy they are making that film and I love Tom Hardy, although he will have to work hard to convince me he is Mallory. But he might be able to do so. And, yes, AO3 will explode if the hardcore Tom Hardy fans see that film.

            The story on AO3 is a ficlet, I would have appreciated a meatier short story in this case. I did like it quite a bit. I have been reading the beginnings of all the George Mallory-related books on Amazon because I am short of cash this month and wanted to do a serious sampling before doling out my entire book allowance. (I spent a ton recently on my War of the Roses books. that one-click Kindle book ordering is addictive. So I am trying to rein myself in a little.)
  • memes and such

    I wouldn't worry about the counts too much, although I know it's nice to see those bigger numbers. It's all about what's popular at a particular time - the fandom, the pairing, whether it's posted as a single chapter (or a bunch of chapters - which add up the hits quickly), etc. It's word of mouth and rec lists and all kinds of weirdly unknowable variables about how people search for things, how things are tagged, etc. Also if you've posted stories that aren't exclusive to AO3, it does split the hits. I've got stories that were really popular on LJ, but you wouldn't know it from the AO3 hits because they were posted to the archive after the initial excitement had worn off.

    What I know is that you're a really good writer, and I don't think I've ever read anything of yours that I didn't enjoy. I see your name attached to a story or a rec and I know the chances are good I'll like it (if it's a fandom or pairing I tend to read). *hugs*
    • Re: memes and such

      Thanks for the encouraging words! I think I sound more glum up there than I really am--I don't usually worry about it (and usually I'm amazed that anyone reads my fic at all). I write what I'm interested in, and sometimes it intersects with the things people want to read and sometimes it doesn't. I'm never going to write long romance/first time stories--just not my thing--so there's that.

      On occasion I write something that I wish people read more, it's true--but that's not actually the case with any of the stories on those lists.

      anyway, thanks for the kind words!
  • This meme definitely depresses me after seeing yours and everyone else's. Interesting about the funny ones.
    • It is depressing, one way or another--I don't think I'll do it again.

      And, sadly, I can never be funny when I set out to be intentionally, y'know?
  • First of all, I tend to be weird about feedback, I have issues (solely my own!) with leaving comments, so if I read something not on AO3 (like, say, here), I'm pretty likely not to give any indication that I've read it. I feel bad about it, because I know how much I like getting feedback on my own work (which SO pales in comparison to yours), but it is how I am. Sorry.

    Second of all...I have no idea how to say this nicely. Sorry. I'm bad at social stuff. But here goes: I think your RPF is MASSIVELY hot. I love it and read it frequently (from here). But I'm VERY conflicted about RPF, especially RPS, to the degree that, in all honesty, I don't want to love yours. So I would be unlikely to ever leave kudos on it even if I did read it on AO3.</p>

    Overall, I would say that your stats are probably being shortchanged by virtue of your fics frequently being posted here (where many of your fans first see them) before being posted to AO3.

    • No worries! It is nice to get feedback, but I understand the issues with leaving it.

      I think lots of people have that relationship to rps/rpf--I totally understand, and have a version of it about writing it myself (which I do rarely). I think the same thing holds true for pain/weapons kink, which is one reason I suspect the hits/kudos lists are so different up there.
  • I know you know that the numbers don't mean much at the end of the day - I'm so pleased that you like what you're writing and what you're capable of, because I find your writing to be terrific.
    • Aw, thank you for the encouraging words! It is mostly about experimenting and exploring the things I'm interested in, for me. And it's silly to look at the numbers, given the kinds of fic and fandoms in which I usually write.

      That said, if I wanted higher numbers I should write more fic for your prompts! Both "Three Continents Watson" and "In the Belfry" are consistently at/near the tops of these lists!
  • I'm always fascinated by what gets the hits and what doesn't, because it's not like we change completely from one story to the next. Yes, we hit some things better than others, but you wouldn't think there would be much variation.
    • It is fascinating, isn't it? Even when one factors out for fandoms/pairings/scenarios that are more/less popular, there's still so much variation that's inexplicable, to me anyway.
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