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This is the masterlist of fics written for Running Hot III (2013):

The Avengers

The Burning House Paradox by fairy_laughing. Banner, Richards, and Stark are playing with a time-machine when it backfires and mini-Tony walks on through. This wouldn't be nearly as big of a problem as it is except that the time-space paradox of too much Tony Stark is causing them both to become horribly ill.

Fantastic Four/X-Men

I Hold With Those Who Favor Fire by katekintail : Johnny Storm(Human Torch) /Bobby (Iceman)--When Johnny gets sick/delerious he can't control his flame - how far does Bobby have to go to keep him from incinerating himself into oblivion?


In the Thicket of It by [personal profile] thegrrrl2002: After being missing for a few days, Danny finds Steve 'somewhere' with an infected bullet/stab/shrapnel wound. Cue bad guys closing in and Danny being all BAMF getting Steve out while taking care of him.

Track Record by [personal profile] ariadnes_string. Gen. "You," said Danny, "are the most uptight sick person I've ever met."


The Last Man Standing Just Got Felled by a Lion by thesmallhobbit. There's a nasty flu going around Oxford CID and Hathaway's been putting in long hours manning the fort. How long 'til he succumbs himself?

Unsound Mind by wendymr. and Part 2. Robbie has flu, and he isn't the easiest of patients, as James discovers.

Ripper Street

A United Front, by alizarin_nyc: Reid is ill--woozy, voice-less, unable to make good decisions. For whatever reason, this needs to be hidden from the bad guys/power that be, and it's up to Drake and Jackson to make this happen. What's worse, they actually have to work together!


Doctors Make the Worst Patients, by themallhobbit: Doctors make the worst patients.

White Collar

Predisposed by marieincolour, (gen): Neal gets sick with a high fever and goes walking outside of his radius. The US Marshals come to get him but don't realize he's sick until Peter (or another character) comes to collect him.

Untitled (WC S1) by [personal profile] embroiderama: Out of his mind with fever, Neal thinks Peter is going to send him back in prison because he is useless.
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