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the island of conclusions

Running Hot III: Update

the island of conclusions

bright star

Running Hot III: Update

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Running Hot III is off to a great start! Thank you to everyone who's spread the word!

There are bunches of great prompts up already, in fandoms including but not limited to: White Collar, H50, Lewis, Cabin Pressure, Ripper Street, Full Metal Alchemist, Vikings, Hockey RPF, Star Trek RPF, Grimm, Criminal Minds, Merlin, Endeavour, Elementary, Avengers, Merlin, and Skyfall. I hope people write them all, because I want to read them, even in fandoms I know nothing about!

Check them out here!

I will be away from my computer May 25-27 (camping! keep me in your thoughts, folks!). [personal profile] thirdbird/ thirdbird_fic has graciously consented to keep an eye on things in the meantime--you can pm her if any questions or issues arise.

If you could comment to the masterpost (here on LJ/ here on DW ) with any fills, it would help me sort things out when I get back.

Thanks and have a lovely weekend, everyone!
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