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the island of conclusions

Recs: Winchesters Squared (some spoilers for S5)

the island of conclusions

bright star

Recs: Winchesters Squared (some spoilers for S5)

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bright star
Winchesters Squared

One of the not-bad things about being cooped up in the house for four days with a sick kid (now recovered), is that I read some longer stories than I’ve been able to for a while, as well as some stuff from genres I don’t usually read.

All of these have more than one set of Winchesters, though they’re very different otherwise. Two out of three I cadged from other people’s recs, so you may very well have already read them too. If not—enjoy!

(recs behind the cut, some S5 spoilers)

1 Wincest:
Death-Dealer, Soul-Stealer by nynxlynx (Sam/Dean, NC-17).
Author’s summary: A grieving Dean is pulled into an alternate universe where a much more hardened, cold Sam is working to get his Dean out of hell. Though Dean doesn’t want to go back to his lonely world, he aids Sam in his dark quest, a Sam torn between the brother he’s fighting to save and the one right in front of him.

I have such an on-again-off-again relationship to reading Wincest that I’ve pretty much given up on doing so. But every once and a while a fic will make the premise new and compelling. This is a 2009 Big Bang, and I would have missed it entirely, except that it came recommended by the impeccable taste of roque_clasique And I’m really glad I read it. I though the best doubling here was Sam—the author creates one of the most believably hardened Sam’s I’ve read. She’s overly apologetic for doing so, but she really doesn’t need to be.

1 Gen
We Mortals Be by debbiel66
Author’s summary: Angry fairies cast Sam and Dean into a deadly forest where they come face to face with what it really means to be brothers.

Warning/Spoliers: set after 5.03, kind of AU now…

I kind of hate fairies as much as Dean does in this story, but the author does an amazing job with the doubled!boys set up. It’s almost unbearably touching as well as psychologically fascinating. And beautifully written, all the characterizations spot on.

1 Dean/Castiel
Not All the Way Through by tracy (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
Author’s summary: Castiel’s new life begins and ends with Dean

Warnings/Spoilers: Coda for 5.04

I also read hardly any Dean/Castiel, because….well, much as I love Castiel as a character, the pairing just doesn’t usually work for me. But 5.04 kinda seemed to demand it—and this fic is gorgeous, if necessarily sad: Castiel’s POV of the years between 2009 and 2014, including the arrival of present!Dean in the future.

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