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the island of conclusions

Running Hot III PSA

the island of conclusions

bright star

Running Hot III PSA

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bright star
Hi Folks:

Just posting to let you know that Running Hot III is still open for prompts and fills.

running hot iii, Watson

I am going to be out of town and mostly away from my computer from June 17-24. If you post something during that time, don't worry if I don't respond. I'll catch up and get you on the masterlist when I get back.

There are five beautiful pages of luscious prompts in many, many fandoms (including Sherlock, Elementary, Avengers, Star Trek, Hockey RPF, Person of Interest, Merlin, Skyfall, White Collar, H50, Lewis, Ripper Street, Man of Steel and many more!)

here on lj
here on dw.

masterlist on lj
masterlist on dw

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