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the island of conclusions

Prompt me?

the island of conclusions

bright star

Prompt me?

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Every year, I try to post fics for each night of Hanukah--and every year, I...well, I don't do so well with it.

Still! I want to try again this year, setting my expectations a little lower, maybe. I thought I'd try to write very short fics, or maybe even just scenes from potential longer fics--or, failing that, post some recs or vids or meta for various tropes or pairings.

However! I haven't written anything since August, and I need some help with prompts/ideas. So, please, PROMPT ME with an idea, a pairing or friendship (or other relationship), or a trope, or, well, just about anything!

I'm happy to try and write for any fandom I've written in before (see my list of works on AO3), with the exception of SPN and Downton Abbey, and with the addition Peaky Blinders and Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle. I could be tempted to try Cabin Pressure fic. I've only seen the first episode of Homeland S3, but I hope to catch up at some point soon. Anything else, just ask me.

I don't write AUs, but I love crossovers!

Chanukah falls weirdly early this year, starting the night before Thanksgiving (11/27) and ending the night of 12/4.

Thank you!
  • Oooh, shiny ♥ Hmmmm, well, how about White Collar, Peter and Neal, either something fluffy or maybe a short sick!fic, or a combination of both because nothing cures colds better than some TLC :P
  • Either: from the Jewish!Lestrade series, a winter cold

    or: Lewis&/Hathaway candle light.
  • I’m quiet on your LJ, but an avid reader/supporter.

    H50- Steve’s been missing/lost for over a week, so when he’s finally home, Danny’s just a wee bit protective or pissed, it's hard to tell. (Gen or slash, Steve as battered/injured as you like)

    Or any kind of aftermath/recovery fic :)

    Thank you!
    • The same with me and yours!

      What a fabulous prompt! I will see what I can do--

      Thank YOU!

      (nb: I am behind on S4, so will probably set it early in the series, if that's okay)

      Edited at 2013-11-01 01:31 pm (UTC)
  • Erik/Charles, haircut or shaving (inspired by new trailer)
    • Ha! Awesome!

      I haven't written them for a long time, but you're right, that new trailer is very inspiring!
  • Oh! Oh! I...can't decide what fandom to prompt! *runs around in circles* Even worse, I can't think of any actual prompts. OK, I am going to placeholder it. Because I need to think that over. So I will be back with a prompt for either The Eagle, Marcus/Esca post-movieish, or Ritchie-verse Holmes/Watson.

    /temporary prompt fail
  • Hawaii Five-0
    Steve/Danny slash
    Handcuffs & Grenades

    Love this idea!
  • Ooh, I think I missed your fic for The Killing while dodging spoilers! If you'd care to write it again, how about: Linden (& or /) Holder, in a booth at some greasy spoon at, like, 3:30 in the morning.
    • Intriguing! I never managed to watch the second half of S3--but maybe I will try to this month. I like the prompt!
      • About 20 minutes after this comment, netflix sent me an email saying it had added S3, so mainlining it is one of the major things I've done with my weekend! Without moving into spoiler territory, the ending is a little more abrupt than I'd ideally have liked, but I think it's definitely worth seeing.

        I loved a lot of things about it: Bullet (and Holder with Bullet! You warned me, but I was still unprepared!) and the ways the cast of runaways slot into the spaces that were filled by the Larsens; I'm not certain if the Seward arc is objectively good or just finely calibrated to press my buttons or a little of both, but either way is fine by me. The main draw of the series for me - and I think for you too? - has been Linden and Holder and the Linden-Holder partnership, and there are a lot of great character- and relationship-moments for them.
        • Oh that's good news! Now I will definitely watch the last few episodes.

          But yeah, the parts I saw, I thought Bullet and the other runaways were really well done. I couldn't get that into the Seward arc, especially the home life of the guards, but it was also well done. Buy you're right--the Linden-Holder partnership was the biggest draw for me--I like the way S3 tweaked it with a more confident Holder.

          I will get right on watching those!
  • Can I request movieverse (or pre-Cottia bookverse) Marcus/Esca or bookverse Marcus/Esca/Cottia, light in the darkness?
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